Best Helmet Brands around the World


Motorcycle helmets are one of those necessities that you can’t live without, no matter how experienced you are. The approval of safety feature standards by governing bodies is just one reason why it’s important to choose the right kind of motorcycle helmet when buying.

Others include the fact that the law requires bikers to wear helmets in most countries and finally, that wearing a good quality helmet will boost your confidence while riding, resulting in a safer experience overall.

Top 10 Helmet Brands for Motorcycle

We’ve compiled a list of some of the best helmet brands around the world for motorcycle. It will help you choose the best helmet for your ride.

Bell Motorcycle Helmet Brand

Bell Helmets is one of the largest makers of motorcycle helmets in America, responsible for producing some of the best-selling safety equipment out there. Apart from listing several different kinds on their official website, they even have a section where you can custom design your motorcycle helmet to make it stand apart from the rest. The helmets are made with high-quality polycarbonate shells that are also very lightweight which makes them appropriate for all weather conditions.

What’s more, Bell helmets come with ‘Rapid Release’ visors which allow riders to lift off their face shield in seconds using only one hand. Their products list includes DOT-certified helmets as well as SNELL-approved models that have passed rigorous tests conducted by independent laboratories at over twice the impact levels required by the DOT. Bell Helmets scored a remarkable 4.4/5 in tests of 14 different helmets, taking its place with one of the best brands around the world.


  • Brisk Release Buckles are also very fast.
  • It’s constructed of high-quality materials.
  • Sun Visor is included.


  • Congested.

AGV Helmets Brand

AGV is an acronym for the Italian company ‘Aerostructure Galeazzi’ which was established in 1946. They started as a manufacturer of motorcycle helmets and now, they build everything from windshields to seats and even spare parts. Some of their popular models include the AGV AX-8 Evo (one of our all-time favorites), the Pista GP R, and probably one of the most famous AGV helmets around: The Pista GP R. A few characteristics that make these products stand out are their large eye port openings (compared with other brands).

Plus, their visors stay shut tightly using magnets instead of screws ensuring improved safety features and protection against UV rays. Finally, all these come with a scratch-resistant face shield and anti-fog so the rider can see clearly no matter what. Our tests have shown a score of 4/5 for these helmets in terms of basic safety ratings which makes them one of the best brands in their category.


  • A composite material made out of carbon fiberglass.
  • Sun visor that is built-in.
  • An insert and a Pinlock-ready visor are included.
  • The sink features a ventilation system with 5 intake and 2 exhaust holes.
  • Cheek pads and internal lining are pressure-free.
  • Washable inner lining.


  • It’s a bit expensive helmet.

LS2 Motorcycle Helmet Brand

The brand LS2 is one of the most stylish in the helmet industry. Their helmets are strong and lightweight. Their outer shell is constructed of Kinetic Polymer Alloy (KPA), a highly robust and light material.

They have large visors that allow for better vision in all directions. The chin straps are simple and average. By wearing their motorcycle helmets in hazy and foggy weather, it is simple to ride even though some of them have fog-clearing visors. The inside liner is incredibly soft, washable, and replaceable thanks to its unique design.


  • It’s both strong and lightweight.
  • Looks that go with your personality.
  • Two-layer visor.
  • KPA shell.
  • Internal padding is both washable and comfortable.


  • Its appearance is intended for younger riders only.

HJC Motorcycle Helmet Brand

The HJC motorcycle helmets have been around since 1971. They are a spinoff from the ‘Hiroshima Juki Kogyo Kabushikikaisha’ and they began producing racing helmets. They used to make motorcycle helmets for racers like Eddie Lawson and Scott Russell. Now, their product line includes hundreds of products which include everything from simulators to hockey helmets and they continue to make high-quality safety feature equipment under ISO:9001 (2000) standards that meet DOT FMVSS 218 (USA), ECE 22/05 (EUROPE), SAI AS1698 (AUSTRALIA) safety norms.

Their motorcycle helmets are durable with good ventilation and extremely comfortable inner linings that can be removed for easy cleaning. These helmets offer a simple and unique design with air vents that are easy to remove and wash.


  • They’re recognized for producing high-quality, low- and mid-priced helmets with a few innovative and useful features.
  • For the past 50 years, they’ve owned the market.


  • If you wear these helmets for a lengthy period, they may cause your head to sweat.

Vega Motorcycle Helmet Brand

Vega is probably the least expensive helmet and their products are not just stylish but also comfortable. Their helmets’ outer shell and inner linings are industry-leading which makes them reliable and safe to use. They’re functional, stylish, protective, comfortable, easy to maintain, easily adjustable, lightweight yet beneficial in all kinds of weather conditions.

They have sunglasses fitted inside these motorcycle helmets for a neat appearance both at night and during daytime wear. The manufacturers seem to understand the value of the comfort factor when it comes to wearing a helmet during long rides or using one for a prolonged period making this one perfect example of something that provides safety features while not compromising on style.


  • Made of solid, long-lasting materials.
  • Ventilation is excellent.


  • The chin straps are rather uncomfortable.

Shoei Helmet Brand

Shoei’s unswerving quality is truly amazing. The helmet’s external shell is quite robust. They are also light in comparison to other brands’ motorcycle helmets.

This brand offers the sleekest and premium helmets for bikers. It is a Japan-based company. Shoei helmets are known for their stylish looks and high quality.

Shoei was the first to use carbon fiber in a motorcycle helmet during the 1970s. Shoei makes different variations. Shoei helmets are unisex and can be worn by anybody.


  • Pin lock Anti-Fog System.
  • Design is Beautiful Shell.
  • Excellent ventilation effectiveness.
  • Removable Interior.


  • It’s a bit Costly.

Arai Helmets Brand

Arai is the most famous high-end brand for motorcycle helmets. They are all handmade, and they’re still using traditional methods in their manufacturing processes. Arai uses only the best materials which give it an advantage over other brands that use lesser quality materials.

They offer high-quality motorcycle helmets with great features like a unique design EPS liner, Ventilation System, AIM+ Shell, Roll Cage padding, etc. Arai manufactures several types of motorcycle helmets including Off road Helmets, Full-face Helmets, Open Face Helmets, Half Helmet, Modular. It also provides helmet accessories like Protective Visors, Chinstraps, etc.


  • Removal system for the helmet.
  • Breathing Deflector.


  • Bulky.

Steelbird Motorcycle Helmet Brand

Steelbird motorcycle helmets brand is an energetic young riders’ helmet. Its products are entirely made of ABS material, which makes it highly durable, comfortable to wear, and reduces the weight lightly. In the top section of the motorcycle helmets, there is an air-sponsor framework for ventilation. The additional cushioning makes the helmets extremely comfortable to wear. Two back extractors reuse air inside the helmet.

The brand has four product offerings – Steel bird, Steel bird Air, Ares, X1 735 PLUS. Steel bird items are viewed as powerful, solid, and cost-efficient. They were responsible for producing the pioneers of golf ball-shaped motorcycle helmets we see lots of oldsters wearing today.


  • Trendy looking.
  • Sturdy materials were used to build it.
  • Extremely light and comfortable.
  • It has fantastic ventilation.


  • Scratches will accumulate on the interior surface.

MT Motorcycle Helmet Brand

Their motorcycle helmets are constructed of a variety of materials, including thermoplastic, carbon composites, and more. MT motorcycle helmets have a large frontal area and a reinforced jawline that lend it an aggressive, oval, dashing appearance that is distinct from other motorcycle helmets.

These helmets are designed in Spain and have been used in a wide range of motorsports competitions all around the world. MT’s clients praised the quality and level of comfort of its products.


  • They produce some of the most incredible full-face helmets at a cheap price.
  • They’re nice and comfy.


  • Some models are quite large.

Shark Motorcycle Helmet Brand

Shark Helmets is a Spanish motorcycle helmets manufacturer that started in the 90s with the goal of making products that allow bikers to enjoy riding even more. Shark Motorcycle Helmets targets riders who like extreme sports and want to stand out from the crowd with helmets that offer them an extra feeling of safety and guarantee maximum protection at all times, guaranteeing high-performance standards right off the assembly line.

The company stands out due to its ambitious projects proposed by product development teams made up of engineers and designers. The result of their efforts is a full line-up of motorcycle helmets that offer the ultimate quality and design. Shark Helmets has achieved this by fusing research and development with performance and comfort, an aspect that makes it stand out from other manufacturers whose main focus is making products designed for beginners or occasional riders.


  • A combination of high-quality materials.
  • French-styled.


  • It’s a bit expensive helmet.


So, there you have it for the best helmet brands for motorcycle ride, and we hope you found it useful. Using a motorcycle helmet is as essential as any other frill or component of a bike for the person who enjoys riding their bikes every day to work. One can ride without it, but one can’t be protected without it.

A decent protective motorcycle helmet will protect you from the majority of the severe situations in a practical way, and some terrible ones might make you feel powerless after only 10 minutes on a bike.

It is advised that consumers invest in the motorcycle helmet with the greatest amount of caution, focusing on key elements such as head size and shape, maintenance, visor, suitable padding, brand consistency, and so on.