20 Mobile Marketing Tips to Drive Leads and Sales

mobile marketing

Mobile marketing tips are a digital marketing strategy with different channels to communicate information to a certain audience on their mobile or smart device. This strategy is used for a specific audience, and they can be reached through a website, tablet, email, social media, and many other digital means of communication.

If you observe the world in which we live today, customers now have their attention in the online world, and they easily make use of their mobile devices. As a marketer, you also need to follow suit, make an intelligent decision, and create your mobile marketing methods online. Mobile marketing has to do with the usage of mobile devices strategically.

Mobile marketing tips to boost leads & sales

Mobile marketing trick is about responsive design, text messaging, and mobile apps. The steps to learning mobile marketing are as follows:

1Have a mobile-friendly site

A higher percentage of digital traffic comes from smartphones; tablets are not excluded from this. Before you consider starting mobile marketing, you need to ensure your site is mobile-friendly.

Your mobile users should not encounter challenges or difficulties when trying to use your site. It would be best if you check on your website contents; they should be well displayed. Sites like WordPress have made everything about designing a site easy, and there is the availability of free and unique themes for you to use.

Make good use of your WordPress by using the Plugins, and your site should have a title. You can test your site on a smart device to ensure it works. Whichever method or strategy you use, it would help if you keep in mind that the goal is to have a compatible and mobile-friendly site; when users are trying to interact with your brand or business, your site should be accessible on their mobile device.

2Design Emails or Newsletters that are active on a mobile device

Many people enjoy reading email letters on their phones daily. Launching an email or newsletter to your audience is an outstanding mobile marketing idea.

Many email marketing services permit you to check your emails and newsletters if they are mobile-friendly before you can send them across to your audience. If you begin by sending to friends and family members, it is all for a test to get feedback from them about the email’s mobile view.

You shouldn’t test your marketing email from only your device, you need other people’s comments to conclude, you need to understand that not everyone is using the same mobile device, that is why you need to test it across a variety of devices.

3When having promotions, use text messages

Some group of people who enjoy receiving text messages on their mobile devices. You can send personalized brand messages to your consumers. When consumers receive a text notification on their device, they are always eager to read the message’s content.

A text message is a direct and effective channel of communication; it is budget-friendly. In no time, customers will get used to your brand name and strategies of sending messages. They will respond to whatever action you are asking them to take without experiencing any difficulty.

4Create mobile-friendly content

Not all your customers will have a PC with them to read your content, but there is a high probability that they always have their mobile device with them.

Therefore, you should try as much as possible to make your content mobile-friendly. It will be best if you can begin your content by writing a headline that attracts your customers. Please don’t write a lengthy headline, it is not about how long it is, it is about how persuasive it is to convert your customer and make them buy.

Customers are not concerned about what your brand does, they are more concerned about what you can offer them and how you can solve their problems with your services. The search engine is available to help you, you can utilize it by making use of certain keywords.

5Make mobile payment options available

Your mobile app campaign ideas are incomplete with an option for customers to make a mobile payment. There is more to owning a product and driving sale to your site, do you have a mobile payment option? Is it convenient for your users?

When a customer likes your product or services and they are trying to make payment, once they are experiencing challenges, they might end up not placing an order for your service or product. Your payment should include all the modern methods of payment, it should be easy and straightforward to use. Regardless of the size of your brand or company, you need to embrace mobile payments.

6Create a mobile app

To create a mobile app, you don’t need to spend all your savings; it is budget-friendly. There are many app creators out there whose price is reasonable, you can pay them to create something simple but unique for you. Most people who use their smart devices are app users as well.

As a business owner ready to grow, you need to ensure your brand is not lacking behind in anything, you should always work towards providing better services to your customers, that is the best way to retain them. With the mobile app marketing tips, there will be an increase in your brand recognition and it builds trust.

7Promote your brand presence with mobile Ads

You can check out offers that are available on social media that are convenient for your budget. Options to consider are numerous, and it includes; Facebook, Instagram, Google, Snapchat. Mobile Ads reaches your target audience quickly because people carry their mobile device everywhere.

You don’t need a large volume of content to fulfill your purpose; all you need in the content is a great headline and an outstanding text. With the assistance of the advertisement, mobile users will remember your brand and what you offer. This mobile marketing method also makes it easy for users to give feedback, this is because the advertisement can be done in multiple ways.

8Have quick access through QR codes

There are existing platforms that you can use to create and personalize QR codes for your brand use. This code guarantees the safety of your customers’ information, there will be a safe transaction between your brand and customer.

The digital barcode helps to engage your customers and strengthen the connection they have with your brand. You can link your QR codes to your emails or newsletter in such a way that you can use them for a call-to-action, this is a good idea, it makes you stand out from your competitors.

9Establish engaging traffic

Your customers should have a free chance to share and comment on your social media posts. You can make yours special in such a way that there is an option for a share and like button.

Aside from having engaging content, you need to know what your customers feel and think about what you are sharing with them, do they like it? Or they need something else? You can only serve your customers better when you understand them, and the best way to achieve this is by having engaging traffic.

10Create video content

If you observe the trend on social media, you will realize that mobile device users have a special liking for video content. If you plan to run your business for a long time, you need to be always prepared to adapt to trends. Engage your customers with an amazing but short video.

If you want to stay in business for long, stay updated and leave old methods of doing things. There is nothing difficult about creating a video, you can get any video creating an app, they are simple to use. It is not about how long a video is, the question is, are the contents valuable?

11Make good use of Google my business

As a business-oriented individual, you need to get local with Google my business, mobile users look for local information from time to time. When you are strategizing, don’t forget to get your brand on the local map, this will make it easier for users to discover your brand when they search.

It is cost-effective. Your potential customer is out there, what is stopping you from locating them is because you are yet to bring your business into the light for the world to see.

12Your site should be navigable

It would be best if you design your site in such a way that it encourages users to explore. When your site is complicated, nobody is going to waste any time going around to check what you have on the site. It would be best if your site can be simple to encourage user’s interaction and use.

You wouldn’t want your customers to exit your site after seeing only the first page. The main purpose of a visit is for business to take place or there should be an establishment of a profitable relationship. It would help if you can work towards having an organized site, it will reduce your bounce rate and improve user’s responses.

13Connect emotionally with your customers

Does this sounds difficult? It is easy to achieve; all you need to do is to personalize your marketing tricks for mobile users. You can communicate emotionally with them by sharing a story with them.

Storytelling works like magic; all you need to do is share a story that will prompt your mobile users to take action with their mobile device. The use of visual content is highly encouraged, it helps your brand stand out in the crowd.

14Encourage real-time tracking for apps

For your mobile marketing ideas to be effective, you need to enable real-time tracking for mobile apps. It is one of the best ways of improving conversion rates, you need to be aware of what people do with your brand mobile app.

There will be improvements in your brand’s progress because you are tracking the activities being carried out and when it was executed as well.

15Enable Facebook user’s check-in form

This can be achieved by offering your customers offers they cannot resist. This will encourage users to check your business location, this will give them more confidence in doing business with you.

16Encourage the use of voice search

The use of voice search keeps rising daily, this is accompanied by the fact that people are getting tired of typing without getting the result to a particular search. There are numerous ways to achieve this, all you need to do is use some software that will make it easier for you to use some keywords.

17Keep improving your social media presence

Social media is a game, for you to win you need to level up. The contents to upload need to be of excellent quality that offers value. Your presence and activities on social media will bring a good conversion rate for your brand.

18Have a mobile-specific and pop-up page

You may be tempted to ask what help this will be to your brand? It would help if you found ways to get leads, without leads there will be no increase in the conversion rate; Popups will make this possible to achieve. However, it would be best if you make it easy for your users.

19Launch a podcast

You can easily create a podcast with your phone, you don’t need to spend money to start a podcast. This is an effective way to build a strong connection with your customers. A podcast is convenient because even while people are busy, they can still listen to it.

20Google Mobile Ad Extensions

This is the secret to making mobile advertising successful. Having a general knowledge about mobile marketing is essential, it helps you influence your customers to take action, and it will help you serve them better.

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