Malta: A Wonderful Destination in the Mediterranean


Did you know that the Mediterranean has over 200 islands? Of all these islands, many tourists, as well as local and international tourism authorities, consider Malta as a traveler’s paradise.

With a cultural influence from the early Phoenician and Roman Empire, Malta also boasts of its centuries old architecture. Aside from its craggy coasts and white sand beaches, it also has several world-class diving sites. And what’s great about traveling in the Maltese archipelago is the availability of car hire in Malta, which makes going to and from destinations easier and more convenient.

The Perfect Place to Indulge in Mouthwatering Mediterranean Cuisine

Are you into healthy eating? Are you up to indulging in a farm-to-shop eating culture? If you are, Malta is your place to go. The island has many cafes and restaurants that serve vegan foods fresh from their own farms and vineyard. You can also try pastizz, a fast-food staple made of special pastry stuffed with pea-mush or ricotta. If you like to explore the lesser-known but equally delish dishes, you can also try rabbit stew, beef olives, baked pasta, and snails.

Did you know that it’s actually easy to go on a restaurant hopping adventure here? With companies offering cars for rent, you can hop around the city easily.

300 Days of Sunny Weather

In Malta, it feels like summer is here to stay! You really don’t have to worry about heavy rainfall or extreme cold when you visit. The summer temperature can rise to about 35°C , so you need to store up sunscreen lotion and a wide-brimmed heat. If you don’t like traveling on foot or bike, you can opt for a car hire in Malta to have a relaxing ride to and from your chosen destinations.

Itinerary Planning Options

The islands of the Maltese archipelago—Malta, Comino and Gozo—offer a real summer bonanza for people of all walks of life. There’s definitely something to pique your interest here, whether you’re a sophisticated urban lifestyle fan, gastronomic enthusiast, outdoor adventure fan, or a history buff.

It would be wise to travel with an agency to make things easy for you. But if you want to come up with your travel plan, here are some itinerary inspirations you can follow:

  • Historical Visit – Malta has temples that are thousands of years older than the Phoenician and Roman remains. The Ggantija Temples are older than the Pyramids and the Cittadella at Victoria, Gozo was built even during the Middle Ages. The underground necropolis called Hal Saflieni Hypogeum was dug up around 2500 B.C. If you’d be visiting museums, it is wise to book a car hire in Malta to take you around the place conveniently.
  • Pilgrimage – Malta is also 90% Catholic, and there are more than 360 chapels and churches in the Maltese archipelago. There are wayside chapels that cling to cliffs and others excavated in rocks.
  • Food and Wine Tasting Guided Tour – The Mediterranean diet is a popular and effective weight control diet. And you can find exactly that kind of foods in Malta. Just schedule a wine and food tasting tour to visit some of the island’s restaurants and cafes that produce their own fresh veggies, fruits, and meat. You’ll definitely experience a farm-to-food eating culture.
  • The Great Outdoor Adventures – The Maltese archipelago also houses some of the world’s famous sunken WWII ships. These have become popular diving sites, along with the usual shallow water marine sanctuaries. Trek the countryside and take pictures of the rock and cliff formations near the coasts. Then, snorkel or take a long and refreshing swim at the Azure Window and other beaches.
  • Movie Inspired Itinerary – Did you know that some of Hollywood’s A-rated movies are actually shot on location in Malta? Specifically, the epic scenes of Troy, the grandiose halls of The Games of Thrones, and breathtaking landscapes of The Count of Monte Cristo are all real places in Malta and its sister islands Comino and Gozo. 

The Friendly People

Lastly, the best part about visiting Malta is the warm and welcoming personality of the people. Yes, their attitude is as sunny as their place, and they will gladly welcome people from all walks of life as long as you’re polite and respectful. Time your visit during the festivities, and you’re sure to find a bonanza for all senses, including food, wine, party, and cultural shows.

The Maltese archipelago might be small, but it does offer loads of wonderful experiences you can never forget. This is the reason many travelers, and even UNESCO, considered the place a real traveler’s paradise in the Mediterranean.