3 Ways to Make Your Business More Memorable

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As a small business owner, you’re always thinking about ways to stand out from the competition, but what you may not think about as often is how to grow and maintain a loyal customer base. Building a memorable brand is paramount to keeping your customers coming back. Follow the tips below to help get you started.

Promote Your Customers as Much as You Do Your Own Business

You work hard to promote your business on a well-designed website, on every relevant social platform, and at every networking event you attend. As your loyal customer base begins to grow, remember that they’re promoting your business as they begin to speak well of you to their friends and family. Do the same for them in return.

On your website or social media pages, for example, choose a loyal customer each month and promote what they do for a living. This approach is a win-win for everyone: Your customers will begin to feel truly appreciated, and your business will begin to stand out even further from your competition.

Get a Little Old-Fashioned With Your Follow Up

You can follow up with your customers through multiple ways, from phone calls and emails to setting up second appointments and more. Sending handwritten notes is one way that doesn’t require any effort on the customer’s part. For example, if you gained new customers, the odds are they’re not going to come back to do business with you again unless they absolutely loved what they bought or felt a personal connection to your brand or business. Following up with a handwritten note thanking them for their business will create a memorable impression for the future.

Hire People Who Naturally Go Above and Beyond

In today’s small business world, success is all about creating an experience for your customers. If you have complimentary champagne or almond milk lattes being served by someone who doesn’t want to be working for you, the free drinks won’t be accepted as happily from your customers as they would from an employee who cares.

In this case, creating a memorable experience starts with the people. Hire people who naturally go above and beyond and who share in your excitement for your business. When you do, you’re certain to grow a customer base that will view your business or brand as a memorable experience.

Creating a memorable brand or business — not offering discount after discount — is what’s going to help you succeed as a small business. The more your small business is perceived as authentic, appreciative, and relevant, the more you’re bound to get better and better feedback and boost overall customer relations. Keep in mind that your customers deserve some love, too, so don’t forget to give them some appreciation. The people you hire make a difference in the way that people perceive your business. Writing a handwritten note, whether to say thank you or to follow up, will keep your brand or business top of mind.