Learn About 33 Cryptocurrencies In The Next 60 Seconds


2019 has actually started on a not so bad note. Bitcoin has touched $4000 mark for the first time over a month, seeing this a Bitcoin enthusiast has stated that in 2 years, bitcoin would be seen everywhere and  the fiat currencies may become archaic.

May be by 2021, people would buy coffee with bitcoins rather than the normal currency. Bitcoin enthusiasts also feel that BTC is better than the paper money as it can transfer the value.

NASDAQ which is the second largest stock exchange in the world also vowed to launch the bitcoin futures in first half of 2019. This is going to start a good note on the digital assets platform. Bakkt is going to start in the later part of the year.

Bitcoin is considered as the most likely winner in the long term run. But few analysts from JP Morgan predicted that it might fall as low as $1260 and the financial institutions may not benefit from block chain for next 3-5 years, because the true value for cryptocurrencies is not proved according to them.

A South Korean form has also announced that it would launch the Bitcoin mining centers in Paraguay. Another group of analysts say that there is a probability of fear, uncertainty and doubt with the loom over crypto space in 2019. But the crypto fans call these predictions as absurd and wrong.

The analysts and enthusiasts of crypto kept their hopes high on Bitcoin. They believe that there is going to be a big adaption in 2019 and 2020 would be more participation from people around the world in blockchain space.

The government of Ohio has also announced to accept tax payments in BTC and it has partnered with Bitpay to make it happen conveniently so that these bitcoins can be converted to dollars on behalf of tax.

Our friends at Mrbtc.org, created a beautiful infographic on 33 Cryptocurrencies described in four words or less. Please checkout the following infographic and share your thoughts.