4 Convenient Tips to Keep Your Home Remarkably Clean

Keeping your home remarkably clean can be a daunting task. However, there are simple steps you can take to make it easier.

keep your home clean

Depending on your lifestyle, your daily life is probably pretty busy. Between balancing work, family, and other obligations, maintaining a clean home can seem impossible. However, having a clean and organized home isn’t just about the space looking nice. It also creates a more productive and peaceful environment.

How to Keep Your Home Remarkably Clean

Like many things, the hardest part is getting started, so we’ve put together four tips to help you keep your home remarkably clean.

1Start Small

Part of the reason cleaning can be so overwhelming is that we feel we need to scrub every corner of our homes on the same day. It’s not realistic to deep clean each room in your home, no matter how productive you’re feeling, and it will only make the task seem more daunting the next time you try to do it. Take it slowly and tackle one room at a time, making you feel more accomplished when you’re finished. That way, cleaning will naturally fit into your lifestyle.

Put together a chore chart and stick to it. If you live with other people, even children, this is a good chance to get them involved in the home’s maintenance. Plan out a few small things daily, such as mopping, sweeping, wiping down the counters, vacuuming, etc., and don’t overstretch yourself. Don’t devote more than 30 minutes during the week to this so that it doesn’t take up your whole evening, thus being more sustainable long-term.

2Perform Regular Maintenance

Identify the parts of your home that need frequent maintenance. Your sewer drain needs to be kept clean and clog-free. It doesn’t need as regular checking as other things, but it should be on your list every month or so. According to Angi, getting your sewer drain cleaned at least every two years can help you avoid clogs and prevent sewage backups, which can damage your home and create a health hazard. Regular maintenance will keep your home remarkably clean and also save you money in the future from dealing with costly repairs.

Add servicing your HVAC system to your chore list to ensure it’s working correctly. Additionally, schedule it to be serviced twice a year, which, according to Review Home Warranties, is the minimum that experts say it should be maintained. When you perform regular maintenance, you increase your system’s lifespan, improve your home’s air quality, and make it easier to support a healthy lifestyle.

3Avoid Mold Growth

Cleanliness is essential for many reasons, one of which is that it prevents things like mold growth. Mold thrives in damp and humid environments, so keeping humidity levels below 50% is essential. It typically grows in bathrooms, basements, and other spaces exposed to moisture, and once it’s inside your home, can be dangerous to those living in it. Regularly clean and disinfect areas prone to this harmful bacteria, and if you do see even a tiny amount of mold growth, address it immediately.

4Declutter So Everything Has Its Place

Once you’ve dealt with cleaning the home, shift your attention to organization. Make it easy to put things away by utilizing all of your storage space. If you don’t have somewhere to put your shoes, then you’ll probably amass a stack of them at your door, and if you have no idea of where to put your holiday decorations, they’ll sit in a corner until next year.

Everything should have a place. Invest in some storage boxes and label them so you know what’s inside them. Your system doesn’t have to be perfect. It just needs to work for you. That way, when cleaning up, you’ll know where to put things, making it quicker and less stressful.

Your home should be a calm and productive place that fits into your lifestyle. It is essential to keep your clean for your physical and mental health. Put together a realistic list of things that need to be tackled, prioritize regular maintenance of foundational parts of the home, and declutter so that cleaning doesn’t feel overwhelming.