Instagram for Business: Tips to Grow Your Audience


With almost 2.5 billion monthly active users, Instagram is an ideal platform to expand your brand by building customer relationships, reaching new audiences, and driving website traffic. What’s great is that you can find numerous organic growth tools to easily help you achieve your Instagram marketing goals, such as the growth service from SimplyGram, and for further assurance, you can even check review!

Nevertheless, you may wonder how to use Instagram for your business to its full potential. That’s why this article mentions 5 practical tips to grow your audience in a breeze. Keep reading to learn!

1Decide Why You’re Using Instagram for Business

It’s crucial for you to be clear on your goals when using Instagram for business. Without having clear goals in your mind, you won’t be able to come up with the appropriate strategies needed to attain those goals. And this will simply lead to the wastage of resources. Your goal might be to increase brand awareness, build customer relationships, sell products/services, or create brand loyalty. Write down your goals and always keep an eye on them.

2Optimize Your Business Profile

Of course, you must have an Instagram business account to leverage the awesome features this platform has to offer to businesses. As they say, “first impression is the last impression”; you should make sure that your profile leaves a good impression on first-timers to lure them into further exploring your page.

You should write a killer Instagram bio by giving a quick overview of your business. Use a tone that best matches your brand’s personality. Don’t forget to add a link you want to drive traffic to (usually a business website link). Contact info such as phone number, address, or email will make it easier for potential buyers to connect with you.

It’s equally imperative for you to add a brand logo for your profile picture, which you have used for other social media accounts, as this will make it easier for the audience to recognize you and make you look more authentic and professional.

3Be Consistent

Being consistent on Instagram will let you provide more content for your audience to engage with, which will lead to better organic growth on this social media platform. It will also show your audience how seriously you take them.

Moreover, if you regularly provide content to your audience and they engage with it, Instagram’s algorithm will work in your favor, and your posts will be displayed on the top of their feed. In other words, your content (both educational and promotional) will not go to waste.

If you find it hard to stay consistent, plan all your content for the next week. You can avail of the social media scheduling tools that facilitate automatically posting your posts on a certain date and time.

4Post at the Right Time

In addition to staying consistent, you should also make sure to post at the right time. The right time to post is when your audience is the most active, which ensures they will engage with your posts and help you grow your audience on Instagram.

For this, you will have to go through some trials and errors. For instance, you can start off by posting when you think your audience is most active. Keep an eye on the built-in analytics and see the engagement rate. Adjust your posting schedule accordingly and keep your audience engaged!

5Leverage Hashtags to Grow Your Audience

Hashtags are ideal for making your content more discoverable, reaching new audiences, and growing your community. Since more Instagram users tend to scroll through similar content on the same page with the help of a particular hashtag, using the right hashtags in your posts will make your content appear among other posts.

You never know when your page and brand will be discovered by a new audience through the use of the right hashtags. It’s better not to be too spammy with your hashtags, as this can adversely affect the algorithm. Use only 3 to 5 most relevant hashtags with your Instagram posts. To search for the most appropriate ones, you can research your competitors and analyze what kinds of hashtags they are using.