Things You Need to Know Before Buying Your First Grease Gun

electric grease gun

A grease gun is a mechanical tool used to lubricate engines or the parts of several devices. Grease guns can be powered in three ways; namely, by hand, by air, or by electricity. Each of them has benefits that depend on where they will be applied. Some technicians prefer air grease guns, while others tend to favor electric grease guns.

Grease Gun Types

Along with different gun choices, electric grease guns also branch out to many different designs and styles, depending on your needs. This includes:

Hand Powered Lever Grip

This type of gun is the most common and is used for small scale tasks as it can supply 1.28 grams per pump. The grease is forced by the pressure that is built up by pushing the hand pump. The lever grip gun can deliver 3,500 to 10,000 psi depending on what model you buy.

Hand Powered Pistol Grip

This type approximately pumps 0.80 grams of grease per pump. It is most known as the pistol-type grease gun because it can be used with one hand to pump. Like the lever grip gun, the pistol type can also deliver 3,500 up to 10,000 psi.

Pneumatic Pistol Grip

This type of grease gun is powered by compressed air that is directed to the arm. It uses air pressure to push the grease out of the nozzle.

Electric Grease Gun

This type of gun is considered to be the most convenient to use because of its cordless feature. Using electric grease guns is ideal for daily lubrication tasks. The pressure ranges from 6,000 to 10,000 psi.

Best Practices to Keep in Mind When Using a Grease Gun

Knowing these techniques before using a gun ensure both your safety and preserve the health of your gun. Here are some of the best methods when using a grease gun.

  • Be careful when you are putting grease into the gun, so no dry-powder contaminants affect the quality of your lubricant.
  • Ensure you properly get rid of the remaining grease before putting a new one as they can be incompatible. Doing this will avoid cross-contamination.
  • Ensure the nozzle is clean before using it. You can do this by pumping a small amount of grease and then wiping the spout with a lint-free cloth or a clean rag.
  • Store your guns in a dry, clean, and cool area in a horizontal position. This will prevent the oil from bleeding out. Also, make sure that the gun is unpressurized.
  • Use the proper amount of grease needed to prevent over greasing and under greasing.
  • Make sure you apply the correct grease to avoid incompatibility problems, which might cause bearing failure. Check the lubrication points to know which lubricant should be used.
  • Calibrate your grease guns regularly.

It’s imperative to have your vehicle machinery greased regularly to keep them working at optimum conditions. Choosing the appropriate grease from quality makers ensures you have a lasting vehicle. A grease gun is a rightful partner to simplify your work without the mess.