How to Sell Your Historical Home? – Old House


Historic homes are valuable and if you are selling your historic house then you would want to sell it for a price worthy of its historic value. Also, when you sell it, don’t forget to mention the investments that you have made in preservation and maintenance. However, you must be wondering “how can I sell my house fast in Houston?”

If your house is very old and historic then you also want to attract buyers who appreciate the historic values and qualities of your property. Have a look at these things that you need to keep in mind before selling it.

Know Your Property

Selling historical homes will surely attract many different types of buyers such as knowledgeable investors or history buffs who take pride in restoring historic properties with careful attention to the original features of the home. While the buyers will have a long list of questions.

If you are unsure about the specific facts surrounding your home’s history then do your research before listing it. These facts will surely create a compelling backstory about your property that can be used to attract buyers.

The question that potential buyers may ask:

  • What year was the home built?
  • What substantial renovations or restorations have been made to your property?
  • Are there any significant historical facts, such as famous or notable former owners or residents?
  • What features remain original?
  • Make Repairs with Care

You should carefully handle the usual repairs and renovations that you might make before listing your home for selling. For example, replacing your old and drafty windows with the new ones would detract from the original look and feel of the home and might even reduce its historic value.

All you can do is clean your home thoroughly and be careful on original finishes. However, you can paint your home to make it more appealing but you should avoid covering original finishes and using colors not that are not appropriate for the time period in which your home was built.

Although if you are property is distressed and you don’t have the time or the funds for restoration then you can still find a potential buyer. While disclosing the distressed status of your home may appeal to some buyers who are looking for a creative home restoration project.

There are some federal tax breaks for renovating historic buildings which are limited to non-residential or income-producing properties. However, you should also look into state-specific and local incentives for purchasing or restoring historic homes and make your prospective buyers know of these benefits.

Wrapping Up

So, if you are an owner of one or more historical homes then you can sell them in this way. You can also print flyers and ads in newspapers that clearly states “I want to sell my house in Houston”. Moreover, you can also emphasize the quality of the home. Moreover, you also do some research and highlight your home’s story to your potential buyers.

Further, historic homes are quite big, which means they are ideal for buyers with a big family. So, while listing you can specifically mention about the number of rooms, bathrooms, space and every other detail which your buyer may be interested in.