Repair Manuals and Spare Parts Catalogues for Komatsu Technics


Komatsu is a worldwide famous brand, which specializes in the selling of special equipment. Among the products of the company are mostly the equipment for construction and coal extraction industry, various types of industrial equipment, and electronics. Numerous people trust this brand as it is proven, qualitative, and effective. In that way, there are numerous of the vehicles engaged in different forms of activity.

It is necessary to understand that any equipment may go out of order and it will require specialized service. However, there are numerous cases when it is more than enough to download a repair manual on and fix everything by oneself. It will be much cheaper and maybe even easier.


Komatsu company is known in the market as a supplier of high-quality vehicles for special purposes. The company originated in 1917 and initially provided the production of vehicles intended for the mining and coal industry. Today, the company’s construction equipment is also well-known. All company’s products are trusted by experts. The Group includes 188 companies that produce high-quality components and vehicles for the building and extractive sectors. The official date of foundation of the Komatsu Ltd company is considered to be 1921.

Komatsu product release is based on the use of the most modern engineering and technical solutions. It provides a real opportunity to reduce costs and optimize the required level of quality, as well as to other market products with high reliability and performance. It is notable that a wide sector of the produced goods is given to spare parts and consumables. Repair kits, filters, and other accessories are also offered. Komatsu’s priority today is to ensure product awareness worldwide.

Despite the fact that numerous people use such equipment every day, they forget about the safety rules. You need to always remember about safety when starting the machine:

  • At the beginning of each work shift, check the machine before starting the engine (see the Operating Instructions on the epcatalogs website). If a warning sign hangs on the work equipment lever, do not start the engine or touch the levers;
  • It is possible to start the engine and control the machine only from the operator’s seat;
  • While starting the engine, give the warning sound signal;
  • No one except the operator is allowed to be in a moving car.


When starting an engine in cold weather, pay attention to the following:

  • How to warm up the engine. If you neglect the full warm-up of the engine and use the control levers, the reaction of the machine to the control action may be slowed down and will lead to unpredictable consequences;
  • If the battery electrolyte freezes, do not charge it or try to start the engine with a different power source. This may cause the battery to ignite;
  • Before charging the battery or starting the engine with a different power source (if necessary), first melt the frozen electrolyte and make sure that it does not leak.