The 3 Must-Have Fastest Remote Control Cars for Adults


Remote control cars are the definition of fun, especially for boys. But the excitement around the toys doesn’t die with age. The fans of remote control cars range from 3-year-old little boys to 50-year-old men (if their family and friends are ready to call them that) & more. Jokes apart, remote control cars for adults are a special category of toys that build and sell RC cars with engines powered by more strength to survive some real-time action.

So much, so that certain remote control cars’ prices go as high as a few thousand dollars even. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have fast remote control cars on a small budget; there is an ample number of fast RC cars under 100 dollars as well. If you are one of the enthusiasts waiting to experience some amazing on or off-road adventure, here are the fastest RC car models you need to grab ASAP.

Little Heads Up

A for those who are not aware, racing remote control cars are best for on-road and speed. But they are not suitable for off-road pathways. The adventurous paths require the strength of trucks to overcome the friction.

The Best All-Rounder Choice for RC Cars: Traxxas Rustler

traxxas rustler

The Traxxas Rustler is one of the best remote control cars for adults and kids alike. The model is sturdy for terrains and friction off-roads and can speed up to 35mph for on-road racers. The vehicle requires 7 NiMH cells to operate and is very easy to use. While it gives you a good speed for 15-minutes before slowing down, the model’s main highlight is the in-built battery recharger.

It allows you to put the remote control car back into the track without wasting extra time pulling apart the parts and reinstallation. Besides amazing color options to suit your taste, Traxxas Rustler also comes with an easy-to-handle remote with steering. Despite being on the higher end of the budget, it is one of the best options for your list of RC cars to buy for its smooth movement.

  • Price – Ranges in between $350 and $400
  • Battery Requirements – 7-cells NiMH
  • Dimension – 12” X 18” X 7” (approx)

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The On-Road Racing Champion: Traxxas Ford GT

Traxxas Ford GT

If you are looking for the fastest on-road remote control cars for adults, we suggest you get the Traxxas Ford GT. The remote control car is a brilliant miniature replica of Ford’s GT. It is one of the collectors’ gems. The design details are beautiful and exact, and to top it all, the car is available in the three iconic colors Ford’s GT is known for.

Besides the aesthetics, the limited edition model comes with a fantastic handling experience and can hit the road with a speed crossing over 30mph. But all are not that great with the model, as the Traxxas Ford GT does not pack the charger and battery in the box. However, the Mustang promises precise control with its TQiTM 2.4GHz Radio System as compensation.

  • Price – Varies with availability
  • Battery Requirements –  2-Cell LiPo Battery / 7-Cell NiMH “flat pack” 
  • Dimension – 22.5” X 7.5” X 9.5” (approx)

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The Best Budget Option for Adults – Laegendary Off-Road Monster Truck

Off-Road Monster Truck

The ideal remote control cars to buy when you are looking for remote control cars for adults. A little more complex than comfortable for kids and a little too simple for the pro racers. However, it is the best choice for adults advancing to the early stages of adult off-road racing on a small budget. It costs less than $100 but gives value worth every penny. The speed is good both on and off-road and reaches up to 20mph. But the real highlight is its sturdiness that makes it such an amazing choice for off-road racing.

The remote control cars, after a single charge, give you 40 minutes of playtime. And if that’s not enough, the model comes with a rechargeable pack. Thankfully it frees you from the tedious job of pulling apart and putting together the parts of remote control cars to replace the batteries. The remote comes with a pistol grip for better control and works fine for quite a reasonable range.

  • Price – $99
  • Battery Requirements – 2
  • Dimension – 13” X 12” x 6.5” (approx)

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While there are many budget remote control cars battery-run models suitable for small boys or teenagers, adult collectors keep a tab on the market for the latest updated miniatures. Of course, the love for remote control cars is enough to have a desire to play with the newest model, but there is more to the craze.

Many of the older boys in love with RC cars battery-run models have created clubs and are part of communities with shared interests which organize racing events regularly.

Some of these events are so big with prize money and prestige that adults passionately prepare themselves for the win. So if you had to be a part of such an event, if you are not already, which of the mentioned fastest remote control cars would you buy?