How To Choose A Best Vape Kit (Beginners Guide)


When starting vaping, the enormous selection of various types and styles of devices available on the market can be a bit astonishing. Our goal with this post is to help you evaluate your needs so you can simplify the selection process of a vape kit that’s best for you.

The Basic Anatomy Of a Vaping Device

All vaping devices have a few essential components in common – they seem different but perform the same basic functions. So, regardless of the vape kit you choose, be it ORO disposable vapes or other types of kits, they will have the same general parts.

The Battery or Power Source

All vaporizers require a power source to function – they turn electrical power into heat to bring the material to its vaporization point. While most vapes use a battery, some tabletop models require cords, which means you’ll be tethered to a wall outlet when vaping.

The Atomizer or Heat Source

As previously stated, your vape will convert electrical power into heat; this is possible by using a heating source, such as an atomizer or coil. The heat is then applied to your vape material (liquid, dry herb, oil, wax, etc.) to heat it to its vaporization point, producing vapor for inhalation.

The Tank or Chamber

Your vape also has a place for you to load your vaping material, commonly referred to as a tank or chamber. In some cases, the tank and atomizer come as a single unit, and these devices are usually called cartridges. They are often prefilled with vape material, and you can discard them once you consume the material.

The Mouthpiece

This is the aspect of the device that you inhale the vapor through; it extends from the vape, allowing you to place it to your lips and inhale. The mouthpiece could be a long rubber tube in larger tabletop models.

Choose the Best Vape Kit

Complete Systems vs. Al A Carte Systems

Some devices, such as cig-a-likes and the majority of pen-style vaporizers, are complete systems. You can add the vape juice of your choice and go for either a replaceable coil or a disposable atomizer. Numerous newer devices are sold as individual components, making it possible to mix and match parts to customize the vape kit to specific needs. This allows users to have the most personalized vaping experience possible.

There is no right or wrong answer between these two device types; it all comes down to personal preference and convenience. A fully functional system enables you to buy one item – and a battery in some cases – and go. There is more time involved in choosing individual components, but there is also a greater degree of customization. We’ve created the following guide of some of the most common device configurations to help you find combinations that work for you best.

Pen-Style Devices / eGo

Pen-style devices are a bit larger than cig-a-likes, but they have a larger battery for prolonged life and often come with a clearomizer-style tank. These devices are usually inexpensive and simple to operate; they also have longer battery life. In addition, the tank helps eliminate the need to refill as often as required by other device types. Finally, some pen-style devices allow the user to change the voltage levels, enabling a more customizable experience. Still, like cig-a-likes, they usually have coils on the top end of the resistances used in vaping, and as a result, they do not provide the best flavor in the vapor.

VV/VW Devices

Because of their effectiveness and wide range of features, including the emergence of high-power VV/VW or variable voltage/variable wattage devices, these vapes are currently the most popular on the market. Some of these vapes have an internal battery; however, some use one or more replaceable INR or IMR hybrid lithium batteries. In addition, you can adjust their voltage, wattage, or both levels in some cases, which provides you with a broader range of output options, supported atomizers, and overall increased customization.

TC Devices

Temperature-controlled devices are the latest additions to the vaping market. These systems work by identifying changes in the resistance of the coil as it heats up. The power is then limited based on the user’s settings to prevent the coil from heating more than the specified level. These are the most effective and safest vaping devices on the market today.

Mechanical Devices

Mechanical systems are straightforward in design: they have no wires or circuitry but come with very few movable parts. These devices are also tough and durable, and because of the lack of safety and protection features, they can be dangerous for beginners. However, these features also make it possible for experienced vapers to push the limits but are only recommended for advanced users with proper knowledge of its electrical aspects.

Cig-A-Likes Disposable & Refillable

Cig-a-likes are the most popular type of vapor devices, and they typically fall into one of two categories: refillable or disposable. These device types work similarly, except for the disposable cig-a-likes, which you need to discard when the battery dies, or the liquid runs out. A refillable cig-a-like, on the other hand, can be recharged and refilled with a favorite e-liquid.

Some cig-a-likes come with a pressed, manual battery, but other types use a suction-activated switch that turns the device on when you pull off of it and turns it off when you stop. While these devices are small and easy to use, they are not the most efficient at generating flavor or vapor, and users need to depend on the strongest nicotine strengths to be satisfied. Besides, these vaping devices also have short battery lives, which means you need to recharge them after a few hours.

The Bottom Line

While the market offers different vape kits, you need to choose the device representing your level. If you’re just joining the vaping world, make sure you choose an easy-to-use vape kit and one that meets your needs.