How to Buy Positive App Reviews and Improve Your Reputation?

app reviews

There are a lot of factors that go into a customer’s decision to install your app. Ratings and reviews are very important. They become a good boost to organic installs and as a result of this organic traffic. So you should buy positive app reviews.

An application with a high rating and a sufficient number of positive reviews causes reliability among potential consumers. It is often difficult for people to write first, and this applies to reviews. Therefore, obtaining the required number of installs organically is either very long or impossible. Again to promote your app, without buying positive app reviews can not cope. Each review, in addition to new installs, involves writing new reviews. You can also use keywords and competitor’s brand names in positive reviews.

You can buy positive app reviews in Google Play. This is done by special companies. They post several reviews on the page of your application every day, thus attracting the attention of customers. In theory, you can do it yourself, but it is not a rational waste of time.

The blogging profession has become quite popular, so why not take advantage of it? They are actively involved in advertising various products. You can buy positive app reviews from them with a link to your application in the application store. To do this, you should contact either directly or their advertising agent, who will offer a contract.

You can also encourage your potential users to write reviews. One of the ways to do this is just by asking them nicely. Send a popup notification when they open the app to encourage them. You’ve got to be careful when you take this approach. Don’t send this popup every time someone opens your app or they’ll get annoyed. This will ruin their experience and have the opposite effect of what you’re trying to accomplish.

You could even offer an incentive for users who rate your app or leave a review. For example, you could give them a discount on their next purchase, or free coins if you’ve got a gaming app.

One of the most effective ways to advertise a mobile application is definitely motivating installs, but the rating and reviews of the program should not be underestimated. Even if your program has a large number of downloads, but does not have positive reviews, it is almost impossible to be at the top, so buying positive app reviews is important.