How Much Does Concept Art Cost?

concept art cost

The modern high-tech world has many digital resources available to create concept art, but how much is a high-quality concept art fair? What are the criteria for the price of the concept art? In the article, we discussed how much does it cost to make a mobile game, and in this article, we will find out how much high-quality concept art for your game costs.

You can either overestimate the importance of concept art or underestimate it. Many people think that concept art is easy and that the artists who create it lie about how difficult it is. Others are willing to pay big money in order to get high-quality and corresponding to special requirement’s concept art. The cost of a concept art differs from company to company from artist to artist, and many factors influence its final value.

Let’s take a look at what makes the price of concept art today.

Factors Affecting Concept Art Cost

An important detail without which a game or cartoon or another branch of video production would not be complete is concept art. To advance in design, you need concept art, its detailed visual ideas. Designers, animators and modelers use concept art to get started. Everything that we can later see in video games and cartoons is created at the start by concept artists.

Everything from the character himself to what he is wearing, what he interacts with and the world in which he is – this is all the work of the concept artist. The general style, as well as the styling of the elements, also applies to it.

The following factors affect the final price of concept art:

1The complexity of project requirements

It is difficult to name at least one project that can be given the name of the lung. After all, creating original ideas is a rather difficult task in itself. It takes a lot of effort, a lot of creativity in order to get the output of something valuable and relevant to the requirements. Often, a complex project imposes many requirements and specifications on the artist, which makes his job very difficult. In order to complete a complex order, it takes more not only time but also skills and experience.

2Amount of work performed

Developing a character from scratch or working with existing references and references are two very different things. It is important to understand that the concept art requirements differ in these cases.

3Time frame

To create a high-quality and detailed concept, you need to spend from 50 to 80 hours. Of course, you can get a job earlier, but be prepared to either pay extra for the urgency or get the wrong quality that was expected due to the rush. As you know, time is money. Therefore, artists should be able to perform certain stages of work extremely quickly, without being distracted by drawing details. A good artist knows how to effectively present his ideas and moods in the shortest possible time. All this presupposes a huge knowledge base and experience, so you can hire artists who have more experience, but are more expensive or juniors who will take less money, but will work longer or less efficiently.

4The skill level of the team

There is a misconception that any artist creates easily, having the almost divine gift of a stroke of the stylus to present projects like a conveyor belt. But this is far from the case. And although no one dismissed the presence of talented geniuses, any artist has to practice their skills for hours. Like any other industry, art and design also require constant improvement and development of their skills. Your main goal is to find an experienced specialist who can meet your needs and requests. Most projects will require an art director on the team.

Let’s summarize

Concept art is an essential part of the development of any visual project. From icons to third-person gameplay, it all starts with quality concept art. You need to find an experienced and responsible concept artist. If you want to bring your ideas to life or are looking for an experienced concept artist, find more here, we can help you with your project!