Classic and Fashionable Taper Fade Haircuts

taper fade haircuts

Probably you have worn them, and if not, you have seen them. Taper fade haircuts have existed for many years, and it is a trend that we don’t think it will go anywhere soon. The phrase taper is interchangeably used as a fade haircut. But these are two different things as we shall see in the hairstyles below. Fades and tapers are used to mean the manes at the back and sides of the head. In both, the hair is cut short to shorter at the nape.

However, in taper hairstyles, the hair is generally a little bit longer. Starting with some inches of length and slowly tapered shorter towards the hairline. However, with fade haircuts, the hair goes from short to very short and then a clean skin. A taper is shaved with scissors, while in fade you have to use clippers. So, with taper fade haircuts, the cuts combine both the features of taper and fade haircuts. So, here the barber uses both clippers and scissors to come up with the desired look.

taper haircut

Taper Haircut

Hairstyles for men this year are incorporating longer sides and that why the taper haircuts are becoming more and more popular among men. The mid-length hair at the crown blends perfectly into short hair around the back and the sides.

Fade Haircut

This is a classic example of a high fade hairstyle that includes shaving hair down to the skin. At the top, the manes are trimmed into a textured crop.

Taper Fade Haircut

This whimsical style starts with a taper and ends in a beautiful fade for a super clean haircut with hair cut short on the sides. This short style works pretty fine with matte slick and also messy, short and extended looks.

Faded Neckline

The taper fade offers you both worlds since the back, and sides of the hair are left with some length while the neckline is shaved to the skin.

Taper For Thick Hair

If you have thick hair and you are wondering how to tame it, you have the best option here. This taper suits guys with thick hair since it creates a smooth transition from long, shaggy hair on the crown to a faded neckline.

neck taper

Neck Taper

The name of the haircut tells us everything concerning this hairstyle. For guys with medium length hair, the clean style of a neck taper gives you an excellent contrast between long and loose hair. The neck fade appears clean, and the hair doesn’t grow fast, and that implies you don’t have to keep visiting your barber for a cut.

Taper Haircut for Guys with Curly Hair

Who said you cannot have a taper fade style for guys with curly hair? Many people think curly hair is hard to style due to its difficulty texture, but if you know how to style it, everything becomes possible and easier. In this style, the hair is kept long and curled towards the top, and the tapering starts somewhere in the middle of the head.

Soft Taper

The hairstyle incorporates slicked back short hair that transition gradually into a blurry taper.

Low Taper Fade and Pompadour

In this hairstyle, the hair at the hair length increase by two inches as it approaches the top. The hair is faded by only an inch above the hairline.

Afro Taper Fade

This is most common taper fade haircut among the black guys. It is particularly ideal for black guys with kinky or curly hair. To style it, the curls are created at the top, and the side and back manes faded for a neat style.

Comb Over

To hammer this style, start by growing the hair on top. After you get enough length, you can then comb it in the side part style or just choose a slick back style. Balding or already bald men normally prefer this haircut since it lessens the prominence of the baldness. Nonetheless, young men are rocking it where they pair it with a fade for a classic take on conventional comb-over.

Caesar Fade

This is among the best fade styles we have this year. In this haircut, the top hair is kept longer and then swept to the front rather than parting it to the sides.


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