How do you Know When you Need a New Car?

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A new car is a major investment. Understandably, it’s one that many of us put off until the last possible minute, in order to save money. However, there comes a point when holding on to your trusty old motor becomes more trouble than it’s worth. Let’s take a look at a few tell-tale signs which might suggest that it’s time to bite the bullet and make the switch.

The Check Engine Light comes on all the time

Modern vehicles come with sophisticated engine control units, whose job it is to monitor all of the machinery and diagnose and report faults. As such, you’ll get advance warning whenever something needs attention. But if your check engine light is coming on constantly, and for different reasons, then it might be a sign that the vehicle is coming to the end of its natural lifespan.

Repairs cost more than the Car

Consider how much you’re spending on repairs in a given year. If it’s a significant portion of the cost of a new car, then it’s time to drop the car and move on. It might be that you can get a little bit back by moving the old car on.

Your Fuel Economy is Dreadful

If you find that you’re having to regularly fill up, then you might be in need of a new car. Reset the mpg calculator in your car and see how far your fuel is taking you. You can use this figure to work out how much you’d save if you made a switch. For example, if you’re averaging thirty miles to the gallon, and you could get fifty from a new car, then it might be worth making the switch. For example, a modern Peugeot 108 offers close to seventy miles per gallon, which makes it a substantial upgrade for many urban commuters.

Account for the amount of miles you’re doing in a given year. You can get a rough estimate using free online services like Which’s calculator. If you’re putting in significant miles, the figure may well run into triple figures.

Your Car Doesn’t Feel Safe

New cars tend to perform better in collisions than older ones. Add to this the likelihood of a breakdown at an inopportune moment, and you have a recipe for insecurity which can really suck the fun out of the driving experience. Even if you feel that your car is perfectly safe, you might find that some of your friends refuse to get in your car on safety grounds – which might be taken as a hint that it’s time for a change.