How Can You Use Social Media to Get A Job

social media

The purpose of social media is beyond sharing what’s on your mind, what pictures you care to post, or connecting with the people you love. It’s become more than that. In this day and age, your social accounts can help in building up your network reach and reaching out with hiring managers or new job opportunities.

Don’t just sign up on job portal sites and let it do the work for you. Go way and beyond this as well as the traditional walk-in application. These works still. However, it wouldn’t hurt to be more resourceful of your job search.

You’re already on different social media platforms. Why not utilize it to find the right people for the right job? Yes, with research and perseverance, social media can help you score the job your want. It worked for other people, there’s no reason it can’t work for you.

Understand each social media channels

Instagram is somehow your “photojournal”, Facebook being the all-around social media platform that is the perfect place to let your friends know you’re looking for job opportunities. There are Facebook Groups as well that connects job-seekers and employers or hiring managers. On the other hand, Twitter works great as a networking space. Then you have LinkedIn where the professionals are on—good for job searching, career boosting, and networking.

Once you get a hold of how to use these various platforms in advantage to your job searching needs, you’ll know how to find the right people and allow them to find you.   

Polish your online image and establish a presence

Memes are fun to share. However, if you’re tailoring your social media profile for job searching purposes, maybe stop sharing too much memes. If you can control it, preferably none at all for the time being that you’re looking for a job and using your social profiles to do so.

Refrain from writing out profanities, rants, unmindful posts or statements, and other things that might jeopardize your job hunt online. If you really want to make job searching easier with the help of your social profiles, make your accounts a little more job search-friendly.

Share valuable content

You know what’s better to share that can land you at least an interview? Valuable content. Who you are face-to-face when attending an interview should extend throughout your social media channels. It’s all about good PR. Hiring managers or staff do background checks—this include your social profiles. If you want to make a good impression, you can do so with great content on your wall or feed.  

Utilize multimedia to advertise yourself and skillset

If you’re making use of your free time to develop and improve your skill set, might as well share your developments, updates, and outputs on your social media profiles! This can be a big help for your job search journey. It wouldn’t hurt to advertise yourself, your skills, on your profile/s, would it?

Plan ahead

You don’t exactly need a social media calendar to know what, when, and where to post anything. What you need is a game plan: polishing your social media profiles, joining communities, expanding your networks, and the likes. When do you plan on establishing this persona; this presence?

Any more tips of pieces of advice on how you can build an astounding online presence that essentially says “hire me”? Share your thoughts and experience with us!