How Can Teachers Prevent Plagiarism


All educational institutions around the world classify plagiarism as academic dishonesty. Plagiarism is a perennial problem that affects not only schools and teachers but also society. Since students can access countless resources online and pass them as if they were theirs,  teachers develop and implement special classroom management techniques and initiate disciplinary actions to address this problem.

Teachers primarily rely on a plagiarism checker to prevent plagiarism and verify the originality of the completed work. This type of plagiarism detection software catches instances of plagiarism and also provides the user with a percentage of plagiarized content. The plagiarism checker tool will also help students hone their writing along with their research skills. These are just a few reasons why teachers and students both should use a plagiarism checker.

What Is Plagiarism?

It’s important to know what plagiarism is to understand why everyone is trying to avoid it. When someone copies a published work and uses it as their own, it’s classified as plagiarism. Publication of work by someone else without permission can lead to serious legal issues and that’s why plagiarism must be avoided at all costs.

4 Ways to Prevent Plagiarism

Plagiarism can be easily avoided with the help of a plagiarism checker tool. Plagiarism checking exists to assist students to remove any inadvertent plagiarism and help the teachers to see whether the final project is original or copied.

1Makes Assessments Easier

Plagiarism checkers perform actions quickly. Teachers only need to copy and paste the text and the result will instantly be displayed on their screen. If plagiarism is present in the text, the software will underline it and provide links to the pages where the content was stolen from.

The best plagiarism checker software should evaluate the text for plagiarism and provide accurate results, showing the percentage of text that is exact or near-match to an existing online text. Some universities or schools have a certain percentage that’s tolerated when it comes to plagiarism and others are more strict. That’s why using plagiarism checkers that provide percentages that will show you how much of the text is original and how much is stolen is essential.

It’s recommended for teachers to be upfront about their plagiarism checker usage so that students don’t even attempt copying the work of someone else but rather focus on conducting thorough research.


The larger the class, the longer it will take the teacher to review all the content manually. However, plagiarism is not the only thing that affects the quality of the final work. Grammar, writing style, register, and citations also fall into this category.

The best plagiarism checker tools will not only help teachers find plagiarism but will also help them save time correcting grammar mistakes, redundancy, and much more. Free plagiarism checker tools scan up to 5 pages in just minutes. This will allow teachers to focus on the other aspects of the assignment.

3Integration with Learning Management Systems

The best plagiarism checkers are built to seamlessly integrate with LMS (learning management system). Teachers can automate assignments and give students adequate grades with the help of these integrated cloud-based platforms. Without even leaving the platform, the plagiarism checker can scan for plagiarized work and inform the teacher instantly so that they can take the necessary action.

Teachers who create learning courses can benefit from this type of incorporation. Their courses will rise in credibility and students will respect the work of other individuals. In addition, keep in mind that uploading plagiarized content online can have serious consequences. By using a plagiarism checker before uploading content to the LMS, teachers will be able to stay compliant with the infringement and copyright regulations and maintain credibility.

4Encourage Students to Take Responsibility

Teachers can use plagiarism checkers to make sure students are aware of their intellectual property rights as well as the consequences of using other people’s work without acknowledgment or permission. These tools are useful for helping students to develop moral and ethical qualities that will be of significant importance throughout their whole careers.

A plagiarism checker will help students get more out of their education and allow them to have a meaningful learning experience. These tools can also teach students how to use the information and express their ideas appropriately.

Final Thoughts

Plagiarism checker software can be used to verify that assignments, essays, and theses are not plagiarized. These tools allow teachers to simplify their review process and create meaningful and quality learning experiences. Plagiarism checker tools also help students understand the importance to use their own words and avoid plagiarism.