How Can I Build a Writing Habit?

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We know that many struggling writers use various techniques to overcome writer’s block and to find inspiration for new projects. What some of us don’t know is some of these techniques can actually be used even by non-writers in order to become more effective, productive, and creative.

4 Ways to Develop a Daily Writing Habit

If you struggle with your daily tasks for some reason, try finding some time to spend on daily content writing. You can use one or few of these amazing techniques to help yourself.

1. Daily Journaling Habit

Some prefer to do it in the morning, some like to do it in the evening. Either way, writing in a personal journal is good for many reasons. First, it helps you get rid of stress: you might be surprised but you’ll actually feel much better after writing about certain situations that upset you or make you angry.

Second, it helps you clear your mind a bit. Some of us simply can’t stop thinking about different things or people, and these thoughts actually take a lot of their time, finding it harder to focus on other tasks and remember other important things. When you write about them, you stop thinking about them so often, freeing your mind for something different.

Sure, it might not be easy to start a journal if you never had one before. However, you can find so many journaling tips online that could make the process much easier for you.

2. Fiction Novels

Once again, you don’t have to be a writer to try writing one. Sure, they might be flawed, but that’s not the main point of writing them. When you try to come up with some stories, create your own jokes or even write fiction, you’re basically giving your imagination a workout. The more you work on imagining and creating something, the easier it becomes to generate ideas.

That’s why if your job is somehow related to creativity or requires you to generate a lot of ideas, you should try this technique.

3. Send Cards to Your Friends and Family

Some of us do send cards when the holidays are near. However, that’s not the case. Try sending cards to people that are close to you without any specific reason. For example, you can send them cards you bought during your latest trip abroad or some funny cards you purchased online.

While this technique doesn’t actually require you to do much writing, it allows you to become a bit happier. Writing to people close to you always spikes positive emotions. Moreover, if they start sending cards to you without a reason too, you’ll become even happier when you start receiving them.

If you don’t have many friends and family members living somewhere far, you could try post crossing instead, exchanging cards with people from other countries. That could be a wonderful experience too – and who knows, maybe you’ll even make friends with some of them?

4. Consider Essay Writing

If your job requires you to structure your thoughts well and you are struggling with that, then essay writing might be the right tool for you. Sure, some of us got tired of it even during their college years – however, students are assigned to do so much writing for a reason. Essays and other papers require you to research and analyze information, to deliver your thoughts on paper, supporting them with proper arguments, and minding the structure.

All these skills can become duller with time, but once you start writing essays again, you’ll find it much easier to explain and support your point of view to the others. Moreover, unlike college essays, these ones could be actually written on topics that you find interesting. After all, you’ll be the one choosing these topics.

Writing Tips to Make It Easier

These are basic writing tips for anyone who wants to become happier, more creative and productive. Of course, you might still struggle with making them work at first, especially if you didn’t have a regular writing habit before.

1. Choose the tools you like.

Some like writing by hand while some prefer typing. If your task doesn’t require a specific type of writing, you are free to choose any tool you like, be it a fancy notebook or a plain text editor. The tools you choose don’t have to be expensive – they have to be convenient and comfortable for you to write in (or with).

2. Choose the right time.

If you are writing in a hurry or getting distracted all the time, it would be hard for you to enjoy the process and to benefit from it. Try to schedule your daily writing right, so no one would disturb you and you will have plenty of time to finish it if an inspiration strikes.

3. Take it easy.

Not all people can write amazing texts; not all of them actually have to. However, some people become too critical towards their writing once their start to write. Remember that your goal is not to deliver a flawless text but to help yourself. That’s a personal thing and so it doesn’t matter at all how it might look like. Be open, honest, and patient – that’s the only way to make the most out of these writing habits.

I hope that this article helps you find joy in writing and benefit from it in all ways possible.