Hackers Lurk Silently In the Digital World

online games

Hacking and online games seem to go hand in hand. From the early days of Konami code, where getting extra life was the norm, to contemporary games like; Watch Dogs, you play the role of a hacker. Both activities seem entwined. All hacking activity is not identical, and not hackers are on edge but safe. With safer internet day (5th February) passing by, let`s peep into the significant digital activities; online gaming. Online games have evolved and became more popular than ever before from candy crush to call of duty.

The legacy

For many years, the impostures use of cheat codes is practiced. One of the famous in Konami code, where a player would hit left, right, up, down, start, tab while loading the game to generate unique codes. Similar features were available on other games. Developers use these codes to remove glitches, creation patches. These codes were not eliminated, and they used to reach the end-user. These codes were embedded in the programming itself, making it vulnerable. The user-friendly interface in Game Genie made hacking easy for players to access extra features.

But the advent of technology, hacking advanced in leaps and bounds, cracking the source code. These made developers edgy, rethinking how to structure the programming to protect their creativity. The war between the player communities and developers began. A gamer went a step forward to improve the Aliens; Colonial Marines by changing a typographical error in the line of code. But this opened the box of Pandora.

Developers do not want their programming to be cracked by gamers or hackers, violating their patients. If the program is cracked, the game can be easily stolen or copied and sold in the secondary market. As a gamer gets more engrossed in the game, he discovers many puzzles pieces to fit together, which the developers cannot always comprehend.

Innocent hacking

As so many games are developed and published, there few glitches in every game, which a player or hacker can exploit. Most of the times, the glitches occur accidentally, which affects the user experience of players. These glitches in a multiplayer game can have serious consequences. A hacker exploiting these glitches in MMO games for twenty years made 18quintillon crypto currency. When he started playing Ultima online, he found a novel way to run down other`s house and build his own. In this manner, he built a castle and sold it for around $2000 in eBay.

Previously developers used to earn their live hood by selling games or collecting subscriptions, but now they offer service akin to hackers. For a fee they allow you to access better features and items. In this scenario, the harmless hackers quit their profession, to pave the way to more proficient ones.

The digital world is influx with online games, and hackers are not interested in mere exploitation. They are more interested in hacking other gamers` account, not for personal vengeance, but to make quick, easy bucks. Protecting your username and password is the simplest and effective way to block hackers from accessing your account.

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