Why Google Chrome is Powerful and Popular – The Advantages of The Browser

Google Chrome

Statistics that year says that the most popular browser for Windows is Google Chrome. There are not so many popular browsers for computers. They can be counted on the fingers. Only the best products from the most famous and experienced development companies survive and become popular in this market. This situation in the arena of desktop browsers is different from that for mobile browsers.

The Main Advantages of the Google Chrome

To date, Google has already released 75 versions of its product. None of the versions over the past five years has given way to first place in the popularity ratings of any other browser. And the competition they had and was strong. And this is not surprising: the Google product is constantly evolving, with each version adding some important and noticeable improvements.

Gradually increase the convenience of surfing the Internet for the user, security, and speed of work in it. Already the very first versions of Chrome won the position of users with the speed of their work, an unmistakable interpretation of any web pages, stability and reliability of basic functions. This was the reason why Chrome made a revolution and supplanted popular browsers at the time.

Hiding http / https protocols

For the sake of usability, the creators of the browser refused to display the http / https protocols in Omnibox. Now we will see the address of the web page, starting with its domain name. According to Google, this will allow us, users when visiting sites easier to remember their addresses. Which of the protocols is used, and, accordingly, whether a secure connection is used, we will be able to recognize this by more visual signs – by icons and inscriptions. If the secure https protocol is used, the lock icon will appear in Omnibox.

If http is an unprotected connection protocol, then an exclamation icon.

Phishing sites will display a red triangle with an exclamation mark. You can read more about the security of connections to sites, friends, in Chrome support:

Password generator

The regular password generator is one of the old features of Chrome, but which has been hidden for a long time, accessible only when activated in the chrome: // flags settings. The feature was tested for a long time and finally evolved, learning how to generate complex secure passwords. And now Google gave the staff password generator the green light – it comes active by default. When we register on a website, in the context menu of the password setting form, we will see an additional option, “Create a password.” It works on all versions, even if you download google chrome for windows 7 32bit.

This is the password generator, it will offer a complex 15-digit combination of characters that it will automatically insert into the task and password confirmation forms, and will also memorize it for further authorization on the site. The only condition for the possibility of using the generator is mandatory authorization in Chrome using a Google account.

Other advantages that worth your attention

  • The speed of processing web pages and web applications;
  • Built-in protection against malicious and fraudulent sites;
  • The ability to create a user account with associated cloud storage, in which you can place all browser settings, passwords, and settings for sites, bookmarks, etc.
  • Convenient work with bookmarks;
  • Quick and easy access to services from Google, such as YouTube, Gmail, the social network Google+;
  • Complete and high-quality cleaning of cookies, cache and browsing history;
  • At the time of introduction of the browser, the novelty was the ability to search immediately in the address bar;
  • The presence of the tabs system and convenient work with them, including the ability to restore previously closed tabs in the current session;
  • Store extensions, providing a variety of functionality and making work on the Internet even more convenient and efficient;
  • It is also worth noting the presence of the “incognito” mode, which fell to the taste of many users.

Speed, Security, and Convenience As Major Advantages

In Google Chrome, there is an option of intelligent predictive preloading of web pages for even more comfortable surfing. Pages open almost instantly, regardless of their workload media content. This speed requires a noticeable amount of RAM – everything has its price. In 2018, the memory in the systems of most users was more than enough for a smooth display of 5-8 resource-intensive tabs. Google maintains its own list of dangerous and suspicious web resources, and, in the case of a user visiting such a page, the browser will issue a warning about the potential insecurity of the contents of the website.

Chrome comes with pre-installed extensions for viewing MS Office and PDF documents in the browser. Also, until recently, the package included Adobe Flash Player – an extremely popular and necessary in the past program to expand the functionality of pages by adding animations, small videos, and embedded programs.

In the Chrome engine, an unprecedented security system was introduced, which makes 99% of the attack on the user’s data untenable. It acts as a reliable screen, isolating the user from the most common attempts of ill-wishers to somehow compromise his data. In any case, it was at the time of the release of the first versions of the browser. Developers are trying and now keep the system up to date.