5 Tips to Get More Followers on Instagram


For every business, an efficient marketing strategy constitutes a very prominent role in promoting various goods and services. However, the marketing strategy without Instagram marketing is incomplete and involves a lack of promotion. Instagram nowadays has become an effective marketing channel for any type of business to reach a wider audience.

Millions of users remain active on Instagram throughout the day and browse the news feed. In today’s Instagram world, continuous competition has been increasing to attract a large number of followers and get huge likes on your posts. In addition to this let me tell you the way to buy genuine Instagram likes. In this article let us discuss the top 10 tips to gain more followers on Instagram.

Quality posting at right time

Since Instagram is all about images, it is essential to post high-quality content which can attract the attention of users. The first and foremost thing regarding posting is to get your target audience and post according to their choice. Try to find out a perfect theme for your business and post what your audience would like to see. Always make sure that the images you post should be completely unique and full of authentic information. To get your users to keep a check on your Instagram post you should make a connection with them.

Another significant thing in posting the images on Instagram is to post the relevant content on the right time so that it can reach to a maximum number of people. Your Instagram marketing strategy should include the proper analyzing of your users and to keep a close eye on the most frequent times your users remain active on Instagram. There is no use of posting newer images unless it gets lost from the news feed of your users. So evaluate wisely about the interest and activeness of your users and post in relation to it.

The gameplay of popular hashtags

Hashtags have been a great asset to get more followers on Instagram. The correct use of hashtags can create a huge difference in your business growth and the engagement of your users. Post quality hashtags that are most popular in your niche so that you can target the right people and build a large database. With the right usage of hashtags, your post would be more visible and more people can connect with you. In this way, you would also be able to discover the interest of your users and get more and more followers in return.

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Hashtags, on the one hand, generate more interaction but on the other side, it can create a bad impact on your profile and business. In case you stuff excessive hashtags in one post it would seem spammy and people can also start to unfollow you. So it is highly recommended to use the right quantity of hashtags on each post with close consideration if the quality it offers.

Organize contests and quizzes

Contests are the most engaging method to gather your users and increase your followers on Instagram. Almost everyone likes to participate in various kinds of competitions. Contesting contest has become widely popular on social networks like Instagram. You can conduct contests or quizzes simply by creating a one. To promote your contest use the popular hashtags and write a catchy caption that would blow the minds of people. Post about your contest on other social media channels also likes facebook, twitter etc. You can also offer good prizes or rewards for the winners to keep them happy and satisfied.

Write an interesting bio

Bio is the first thing a person visits while checking your profile. As a business account, your bio should be professional and contain complete information about the product and services you provide. Include a call to action feature and a direct link to your website or blog in your bio so that your users can decide whether to stay connected with you or not. Your bio should be able to convey the objectives of your brand and what you are offering to people.

Moreover, keep your bio section updated from time to time. In case you are running a contest or something then you can incorporate that piece of information in your bio.

Learn from Instagram insights

Instagram insights constitute all the important information related to the likes, visits, follows of your different posts. With this, you can easily get to know which posts of yours are gaining more likes. This is also a great option to discover the preferences and choices of your users and subsequently, you can post according to that. So review this data from time to time and make necessary modifications in your Instagram marketing strategy.

Automate different Instagram tasks

Expanding your profile on Instagram is taking lot of time and often boring exercise. There are many ways to improve your reach. You can use Instagram bot to build brand loyalty by automating your activities on behalf of your Instagram account. The bot will perform automatically to follow other instagrammers, view stories, post comments and likes on their post. You can get more user engagement and attentions from real instagrammers.

Final words

If you are working hard to formulate an effective and efficient marketing strategy to market your business, then follow the above-mentioned tips and get the most from your Instagram. These tips will definitely help you to reach your goal and will get you more followers on Instagram.