Finding Micro Influencers to Work for You

micro influencers

Micro influencers are rarely public figures, despite being well-known on social media in their area. Despite their smaller networks, micro influencers are important since they have greater engagement rates, making them an excellent choice if authenticity and personal touch are important components in your marketing endeavor.

How do you find the appropriate micro influencers for your brand? These are a few methods for finding micro influencers online.

Employ an Influencer Marketing Firm

Identifying the micro influencers for your social media campaigns may be challenging and time-consuming. Fortunately, Influencer Marketing firms such as Peersway exist.

If your team has never worked with influencers before, they may lack the critical skills and understanding to operate a successful campaign.

A marketing firm will not only begin contact on your behalf but will also provide completely managed campaigns, which means that they will take all necessary steps to ensure your pleasure. They will frequently address topics such as negotiating appropriate costs, setting your objectives and content briefs, and much more. They even monitor content as it is written and pay your influencer once their support article is shared.

Your Followers

Instead of looking high and low for the proper answer, it may be waiting for you right outside your front door!

Your personal social networks are typically the best place to start looking for micro-influencers. If your company or brand already has a social media presence, look through your fan or follower lists for anyone with 1,000 to 10,000 followers. Examine the profiles of these important social media users to determine who shares content relevant to your brand’s messaging.


Hashtag research is an amazing way to find micro-influencers who are already interested in similar products and services to yours. Look for relevant hashtags to find the accounts posting the most interesting, tagged material. Pick your hashtags carefully; instead of following the latest trend, look for hashtags that are extremely relevant to your brand.


Searching a hashtag on Google will bring up results from cross-platform social media platforms such as Twitter, TikTok, Instagram, and others, helping you to save time in your search for relevant micro influencers.

Google is your one-stop shop for researching hashtag activity across all social media platforms. If you’re looking for hashtag trends on a certain social media site, try including “” in your search query for example. Going to Google is a great way to quickly view what’s going on across all social media platforms and get information to help you refine your search.

Choose the Right Micro Influencer

Whatever method you use to find influencers, don’t be distracted by an influencer’s number of followers or number of deals with other well-known companies: if they don’t share your brand’s values, the collaboration will appear phone, and customers will notice, so it’s critical to find the right influencers.

Examine the role of an influencer, how it has grown through time, the problems they support, and their outlook on life. You can also look for an influencer that knows how to post unique and interesting photographs for their content. When an influencer disagrees with the vision of a brand with which they are associated, both parties lose credibility.