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People want to keep their kids safe from adult sites and other content that should not show to their kids so the FamiSafe parental control app will help you to keep an eye to watch and keep the safe search of your kids online.

As a parent, you can’t be behind your kid looking at each voice the communication, they need with somebody on-line, each website they visit, the videos they are looking at, what games they are taking part in or what apps they are victimization. FamiSafe Parental control application offers you management over all of that, guaranteeing they don’t seem to be doing one thing you do not wish them to once they are on-line.

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How to track your kid’s mobile?

keep your kid safe is a really easy task with using apps to limit screen time  So you should have the FamiSafe Parental control app put in on each your phone and also you have option to use on the phone of 1, or all of your kids.

Location Sharing

You can’t be along with your youngsters 24/7 physically or digitally, thus with FamiSafe you get period location sharing and placement history following. This suggests if your kid has their phone with them (in their backpack as a phone hunter app for instance with iOS or robot location following enabled) and on their person, you’ll need a 24/7 period following.

Parents are ready to see wherever their kid isn’t simply in the period; however, you may even have location following history if you would like to trace their steps because of the GPS location hunter within the application.

Some folks can wish to ultimately manage every single app their child uses whether or not they are within the house, at school, at a sport they play, or their friend’s house. This can be wherever FamiSafe and its choices to specify screen time and an integral app blocker.

famisafe screen time report

Activity Monitoring

You might not wish your kid taking part in Fortnite once they are out, or wish them to be affixed to they’re smartphone or pill once they are receiving. Thus you’ll get in the Parental control Apps and tweak apps usage, block apps, and set screen time — in addition as read all of the information over the last twenty-four hours, 7 days, 15 days, and thirty days.

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You also get an Associate in Nursing Apps Activity Timeline during a neat report, wherever you’ll see specifically what your youngsters have put in, and once — all the way down to the minute.

It’ll send you a rapid warning once it detects the photographs in your kids’ photo albums. If you would like to look at that specific image, then you’ll do this — however on your device, not your kid.

Some folk is okay with their kids taking part in close to their house, however, what if they are going too far? However, can you grasp? You may know because of FamiSafe supplying you with the placement hunter and Geofences, wherever you’ll be notified once they’ve stepped outside of your predefined boundaries. This can be a good feature if you reside in a safer neighborhood, however still wish to stay a period eye on your kid/s.

Filtering and Blocking

If you would like to stay specific websites removed from your kids, there’s an integral net filter that may stop your youngsters from finding out websites that you simply wish to prevent them from visiting. Not solely that, however there you’ll ban keywords in addition.

There’s suspicious text detection in addition, wherever FamiSafe’s Parental Control App will discover suspicious and risky keywords from search history, in addition, a sent and received messages over social media apps. it will conjointly allow you to set keywords that you are disquieted regarding, as well as “sex”, “violence”, “drugs”, etc.

FamiSafe has over two million active users enjoying and feeling a lot of protected through their Parental Control Apps, with half-dozen offices across the globe and over one thousand staff operating round the clock to stay your family safe.

What will it all value to possess these nice features?

Not an excessive amount of the least bit, it’s cheaper than a pizza if you opt for the annual set up at $59.99,p.a. — that works dead set $5 per month. If you would like to be beaked quarterly, you are looking at $6.66 per month however beaked every three months at $19.99.

If you would like to be beaked monthly, it will value you $9.99 per month. There’s a distinction between the plans — FamiSafe offers you five devices per account for $9.99per month, QUARTERLY Up to 10 devices per account for $6.66/month Billed quarterly at $19.99 automatically renew, cancel at any time. ANNUAL Up to 30 devices per account $4.99 /month Billed annually at $59.99 automatically renew, cancel at any time.


This app will a decent job with easy net Filtering and interference apps to express content. The app main feature is that the geolocation and chase choices therefore once put in no have to be compelled to worry regarding your kid’s whereabouts, particularly once it involves victimization their smartphones. With this parental management computer code, you’ll get on prime of things, though it’s not the simplest with serving to folks to watch what’s happening with their children social networks, it still permits you to line alerts for offensive words. From text detection web site and app usage to chase location, FamiSafe is an inexpensive app that will facilitate to stay your kid safe.

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