Electric Linear Actuator for Industrial Equipment Automation

linear actuator

Electric linear actuators are implemented for the construction of various industrial equipment and in different areas where the linear motion is required. The actuator is used for instrument making and robot building everywhere, as well as to move any parts of the mechanisms, the robot, or related engineering devices.

The linear mechanisms and electric drives automation nowadays is extremely relevant. Business owners of huge enterprises around the world try to reduce the human presence at the production. This decision has a clearly obvious reason. The more factories and plants are automated the less is the risk of defects and malfunctions during the production.

Automation brings various advantages

Performance and Stability

Primarily this gives the possibility of programming the operation mode in advance, the possibility of an emergency stop in case of unpredicted loads, accurate working performance, stable and consecutive work with a certain effort. Linear actuator mechanisms provide an excellent opportunity to significantly broaden the existing equipment functionality and improve the technological process in general.


We live in times when the amount of information that is necessary for managing modern production is quite difficult to remember. All the repetitive settings can’t be preserved in the memory of an ordinary engineer anymore. Furthermore, sometimes the very nature of production demands nothing except to provides the automation so that the human presence at such places becomes really dangerous.

Industrial actuators are increasingly and actively used in industrial automatic equipment: mechanical road barriers, garage doors & gates, small-sized lifting devices, and cranes. In the automotive field, actuators are used as mechanisms for windows opening and sashes of cargo or engine compartments. Electric linear actuators are also widely used for the creation of DIY electronic mechanisms for domestic purposes. Design features of electric linear actuators make this technology extremely popular and convenient for use is fields where smart automation is the matter of technological process and a company’s competitiveness with its opponents.

Performance Smoothly

Linear motion systems include gear, leadscrews as well as linear rails. The latter kind counts different types – these are profile, cylindrical or high-precision guide rails. The linear guides rails are responsible for the direction of movement of the machine, provide the desired accuracy of movement and minimize friction in addition to the smooth performance provided during the work. The fastening of the linear guide rails to the machine can be carried out either with the full support of the guides along the entire length or fastening solely partially. Each of these mounting options has its own characteristics, advantages that determine their field of implementation.

Technology Advancement

The global presence of linear motion technology supports engineering companies and industrial equipment manufacturers, delivering cutting-edge technology and sharing unique industry knowledge. The innovations which were brought to life through the linear actuator technology advancement, guarantee manufacturers and consumers of machine tools and equipment multi-aspect improvements. For example, this helps to reduce carbon dioxide emissions, which negatively influences the climate.

Usage of electric actuators

The list of spheres where linear motion automation plays a fundamental role is wide. The reliability of all-the-time improving design and the versatility of the linear actuators use had a significant impact on the popularity of this technology for solving a wide range of tasks, which resulted in widespread use in various industries, creating full-fledged competition at the world market. The electric actuators are used to create various effective solutions in the following spheres:

  • transportation systems;
  • coordinating tables;
  • manipulators;
  • test benches;
  • laboratory equipment;
  • medical devices.

Linear components and systems are regularly updated, designed, and manufactured with perfect precision, which ensures the production of best-in-class machines and automation systems. The high quality and durability of electric linear actuators implemented for smart automation of the linear motion technology ensure customers around the world maximum system suitability, safety, and excellent performance.