Einthusan Alternatives: 10 Sites for Streaming Free Movies


Here are list of sites like Einthusan, the best Einthusan Alternatives allow stream free movies in Hindi, Tamil and other languages.

Einthusan TV is a very popular free site for streaming movies, TV series, and documentaries online. Einthusan TV is a movie hub in Asia.

This movie streaming site is totally free, and a premium subscription plan and a freebie mode are two options at dealing with Einthusan. Languages such as Hindi, Tamil, Chinese, Bengali, Telugu, Kannada, Marathi, Punjabi, Malayalam are supported by Einthusan TV.

The content is provided in those languages (Kollywood films, web series, Tamil dubbed movies, Hollywood movies). Sometimes technical issues can appear in downloading and watching. Therefore, a good Einthusan alternative should be used for watching and downloading movies.

Best Alternatives to Enthusan TV to Download Free Movies

Due to the Einthusan website being blocked in some regions, and some countries, people searching for similar sites like Einthusan. Below are some best Einthusan alternatives for streaming movies online.


Lots of movies can be watched for free by this Einthusan alternative. The contents are available in nine different languages such as English, Hindi, Telugu, Bengali, Malayalam, Tamil, Gujarati etc. Dubbed Hollywood movies can be streamed on this website in Hindi. And also, Indian drama series, and Indian web series are also available on this website.

This streaming site has an iOS app and Android app for watching movies through tablets or smartphones. These streaming apps can be installed by App store, and Google Play Store. This Einthusan alternative is legal.

It is a leading movie streaming site in India. Even though this is a free movie/video streaming site, users have to make an in-app purchase for accessing the whole content. Live TV shows (with subscriptions), Hindi TV shows are also provided by this.

Not only in India, This Einthusan alternative is also available in the UK, Canada, and the USA. ($9.99 per month is required to purchase a subscription for streaming videos through PC. Hotstar shows similar characteristics to Einthusan Tamil and Hindi movie collections. The HD video quality of movies is high on this website.

This website gets the broadcasting coverage of sports such as Football, Badminton, Cricket, and Tennis. The interface of this website is attractive, and it is a graphic use-interface. Therefore, the streaming experience of users is better.

YouTube has lots of channels to watch videos, movies legally. The contents are available in Hindi, and other regional languages such as Kannada, Bengali, Punjabi, Telugu, Tamil. Super hit movies, classic movies, famous films, newly released films are available in the content. Lots of internet data is required to watch movies through YouTube.

This Einthusan alternative is a large platform to search, and share videos. This can be used to show the talents, creativities of people, in addition to entertainment. People can upload the videos which were created by themselves. And also, they can earn money from those uploaded videos. According to the number of views, the popularity of the video has increased.

People can like, dislike or subscribe to those videos. And also, the viewers can add their comments. Video creators can fix their mistakes, and they can improve their next videos through those comments. YouTube has lots of features which are not available in other Einthusan alternatives. But advertisements are displayed at the beginning of the video, and sometimes advertisements appear during the video which has a somewhat large time duration.

The name of the required video can be typed on the search bar. There is an appealing, and pretty interface. If users want to watch their favorite movies, videos later, they can create a playlist on the app (through adding those favorite videos or movies).


Lots of Hollywood movies, Bollywood movies are available on this website. Web series, TV shows, and different videos are also available on this famous website. This website can’t be mentioned as a free Einthusan alternative due to users having to pay for accessing the content. Mobile apps can be used to watch movies, videos using Android devices, and iOS devices.

There is a transparent, and attractive interface. And also, the interface of Box TV is simple. Users’ entertainment is not disturbed by advertisements, and pop-ups. Due to there being no advertisements, Box TV is considered as one of the best Einthusan alternatives.

Movies, videos, TV series, Feature films, and documentaries are available in this Einthusan alternative. And also, the content is available in different languages. This internet entertainment services company has lots of paying members (more than 151 million members from more than 190 countries). This is a leading Einthusan alternative in the world.

Users can watch movies continuously because the watching content is not disturbed by advertisements. Movies, videos can be watched anywhere, and anytime. Those are the advantages of Netflix, Einthusan alternative. A good quality content can be expected due to users paying for the content.


This Einthusan alternative can be used to watch free south Indian movies/kollywood movies. Lots of movies, live TV channels, and TV shows are available in the content of YuppTV. Due to legal issues, Einthusan websites have been blocked by regional ISPs. Some countries do not have Einthusan websites (Einthusan websites are not available in some countries), and those countries use YuppTv, Einthusan alternative.

Example: Einthusan.com website was banned in India. Storage capabilities, recording capabilities are also available in YuppTV. Content providers, broadcasters allow viewers to watch the content on PCs, smartphones, consoles, tablets, and connected televisions (up to 6).  The interface of this website is attractive, and it is a graphic user-interface. Users have to register and log in, before streaming movies/videos.


ErosNow is a very popular, South Asian entertainment network which is a good Einthusan alternative. ErosNow allows access to internet connected screens such as TV, mobile, and web at anywhere, and anytime. This website has lots of digital videos (more than 12,000) for users’ unlimited entertainment.

There are around 155 million registered users, and 18.8 million users who pay. Lots of movies are available in the content. In addition to that, Audio tracks, TV shows, and music videos are also available. The quality of the content is also high. Movie downloads, subtitles (multi-language), original episodes which are high-quality, and HD video are the product features which are available in ErosNow.

Lots of users are disappointed with the poor quality content of some websites, and their required entertainment, continuous concentration are disturbed. But ErosNow, Einthusan alternative can be mentioned as a good website which provides high-quality original episodes.


Hungama website is useful for watching regional movies such as Hindi movies, Tamil movies and other regional language movies such as Kannada, Bengali, Punjabi, Telugu. But any user can watch only ten minutes without paying. In addition to that, TV shows, kid’s videos, and music can be watched through the Hungama website. Therefore, users have to subscribe to this website. App users are provided a thirty-day trial period to stream movies/videos online for free.

In addition to that, users can download movies/videos to watch offline during a thirty-day trial period. Hungama was started as an online promotion agency in 1999. Hungama has mainly three areas. Hungama mobile, Hungama Promo Marketing and Hungama digital are those three areas. Hungama mobile facilitates value-added services, and mobile entertainment. Hungama digital is a South Asian digital agency. Lots of events have been created by Hungama Promo Marketing.

This Einthusan alternative is an online streaming site, and it is owned by Disney, Comcast (NBCUniversal), and 21st Century Fox. Hulu provided a good view for The Olympics, world cup, and March madness and many other major events. User interface depends on the choice of viewers. Therefore, this website became popular among users.

9Amazon Prime Video

Lots of Hindi movies, Tamil movies are available on Amazon Prime Video. This doesn’t require an introduction of the websites to watch free movies, and a list of apps. Because movies can be watched online for free, Amazon Prime Video can be considered as one of the best Einthusan alternatives. There are free trials of Amazon Prime Video for users who are not going to pay for the content.


This Einthusan alternative is a Sony-owned movie streaming site. In addition to that, it is a live TV streaming site as well. Lots of movies can be streamed for free. Lots of Hindi movies, South Indian movies are available in the content of this website. The size of the collection is also given. Therefore (due to having these options), this website is better than Einthusan Hindi movies catalog. So This website can be mentioned as one of the best Einthusan alternatives.

Is Einthusan blocked in India?

Government of India has blocked the official website of Einthusan (Einthusan.TV).

You can try out Einthusan proxy sites that allow you to access Einthusan easily, so that you can enjoy free streaming of South Asian movies.

What are the benefits of Einthusan website (einthusan.tv)?

  • Having a user-friendly interface. Due to the website having a user-friendly interface, people can operate the website easily.
  • Signing up and login are essential to watch movies online.
  • Popular and the latest songs can be downloaded.
  • High resolution.
  • Having lots of advertisements (advertisements are the source of income). Viruses are installed by advertisements on this website. It is harmful to the user’s device.
  • Having all kinds of movies (Hollywood movies, Bollywood movies) in HD quality.
  • The website is extraordinary. People just have to type the name when searching the movie.
  • All kinds of movies can be watched and downloaded for free.
  • Movies can be downloaded in different qualities. (480p, 720p, 1080p, etc.)

What are Disadvantages of Einthusan.TV?

  • Being illegal.
  • Bringing security risks to the devices.
  • Because Einthusan TV is a piracy site, using those websites is illegal in the USA, India and some other countries. Due to this website being illegal, people use proxy servers to hide and protect the original IP address of the device, location and identity of the user. Viruses/ malware are installed by advertisements on this website. It is harmful to the user’s device.

What are legal alternatives of Einthusan?

  • Disney
  • Yuppflix
  • SonyLiv
  • YouTube
  • Voot
  • BigFlix
  • Hungama
  • ErosNow
  • Zee5
  • Netflix
  • Amazon Prime Videos
  • Hot star
  • Crackle

Hotstar has a massive collection of movies to watch for free. This movie streaming website has iOS and Android applications, and users can watch movies through smart phones, tablets. And also, Hotstar is absolutely legal.

YuppFlix is a website which has a large collection of Hindi movies, Telugu movies, Tamil movies, Malayalam movies, Kannada movies. There is a premium subscription as well. SonyLiv website is owned by Sony.

It is a live streaming television and movie website. And also, it has a large collection of South Indian movies, Hindi films. Lots of movies are available, and the size of its collection is large. YouTube has lots of channels. Super hit movies and classic movies in Hindi, Tamil, Punjabi, Bengali, Telugu are available on YouTube.

YuppTV can be used to watch movies from South India for free. There is a large collection of TV shows, movies, and live TV channels on this website. BoxTV has TV shows, Hollywood movies, different video content, and net series.

What are unlawful sites like of Einthusan?

  • BoxTV
  • Todaypk
  • YoMovies
  • fmovies
  • 123movies
  • yesmovies

Even though BowTV is similar to Einthusan TV, BoxTV provides a subscription setup box to facilitate watching Live TV. And also, BoxTV has many channels to watch movies in English and different regional languages such as Urdu, Punjabi, Malayalam, Marati, Kannada.

BoxTV can be used with smartphones, laptop, tablets, Android boxes, MAG boxes, Amazon Fire TV, smart TV. According to the most viewed, top rated and IMDB rating, lots of Hindi films and Hindi dubbed movies can be found in YoMovies. YoMovies is a good downloading site.

DownloadHub is another popular website in India to watch movies in Hindi and other regional languages. And also, this website is similar to Fmovies.


Einthusan TV is an excellent movie streaming site where Bollywood and kollywood films can be watched for free. Using legal alternatives of Einthusan websites is better to survive personal details of users. Hotstar, YouTube, BoxTV, Netflix, Yupp TV, ErosNow, Hunguma, Amazon prime video, Sony Liv, Hulu are the best Einthusan alternatives.

Both viewers and creators are benefited by the Einthusan alternatives such as YouTube due to the fact that people can earn money through uploading the videos. Due to there being no advertisements, Einthusan alternatives such as Box TV are considered as the best Einthusan alternatives.