Dungaree Care Guide: 6 Ways to Keep your Dungaree Clean


We take care of the things we love, isn’t it? But ironically, we tend to forget this proverb, this theory, when it comes to our most beloved piece of clothing, “dungarees”! Yes, indeed, our hectic work schedules and busy lifestyles do not spare us enough time to do our laundry, but it is crucial to take care of the clothes we wear. If you have been looking for ways to keep your dungaree clean without having to spend a lot of time and effort, you can follow a few tips from the experts. And to get your hands on some of the latest collection of dungarees to enfold the best pieces available, click here.

Wash Your Denim Dungaree Before the First Wear

As unnatural as it may sound, you must wash your dungaree before wearing them for the first time. Denim is a kind of a raw textile that gets chemical treatments and binding to become as durable as we receive it. All that substance remains on the surface of the denim dungarees are not good for your skin and the fabric’s life. So. wash your jeans either with plain water or fabric conditioner to get those extra impurities off them!

Find the right ways to wash your denim dungaree and keep them as healthy as you!

Why and When to Wash your Dungaree

The people who claim “washing a dungaree breaks the quality of the cloth” do not look at the other side of the picture. It is “overwashing” that causes the denim dungaree to lose their stiffness and dye. But cleaning them rarely also does the same damage! The dirt particles, natural oils of the skin, dead skin cells stick to the surface and make the cloth lose their shine. The dirt particles also fade the dye over time, making them look old!

Therefore, you must wash your dungaree either once a week (if you wear them often) or once after four to five wears. Follow the instructions of cleaning them carefully to ensure its elasticity stays intact.

Cleaning a Dungaree: Machine Wash

If you do your laundry using washing machines, there are a lot of things you must be careful about while putting a dungaree into them.

  • Do not use too much hot water in the machine. High temperature shrinks the denim, and you will find it difficult to crease out the wrinkles after wash.
  • Keep the turbulence mild for the dungaree as the buckles and straps are prone to wear and tear. The buckles may fall off due to high pressure.
  • Wash dark coloured dungarees separately. You should not use too much powder detergent for dark clothes as it can make white patches of the fabric.
  • Do not tumble dry any of your denim clothes, including the dungaree. Machine dryers are harsh on the material, and your favourite clothes can lose their elasticity over time.

Cleaning the Dungaree: Hand Wash

Did you know handwashing is milder and softer on clothes than machine wash? Well if you do, follow the washing instructions intently to ensure the long life of dungarees.

  • Always hand wash your ripped dungaree. Do not put them into machines and never brush the ripped part too harshly.
  • Soak your denim in warm water. Do not over soak the dungaree as chemicals in detergent can soften the material.
  • Hang the dungarees to drip dry in the sunlight by turning them inside out. The direct heat from the sun rays can fade the colour of dark denim.
  • Do not use bleach or any other harsh chemicals to remove the stains. In the case of tough ones, try using home remedies.

Say No to Automated Electric Dryers

Automated electric dryers are not friendly with a denim dungaree or any of denim clothes. Avoid using them even in emergencies! The heat generated from these dryers is not good for the fabric. The strings will come off after multiple washes, and you will lose your favourite dungarees easily. Always hang and drip dry your clothes. Use machine dryers on low tumble if it is urgent!

Freshening Dungarees Between Wearings: A Necessity

Do you wear your dungaree and then dump them on a chair or squish them into the cupboard? Well, this is not a good thing for the clothes that we love so much! Freshening the dungarees is highly vital to maintaining its lustre in the long run. After wearing them every time, use a fabric brush to remove the dust on the surface and then hanger them neatly. You can also use fabric conditioners mixed in water and spray it on the hem and lower parts of the pants.

Dungarees were in fashion, are in fashion and might even rule the fashion industry for the years to come! You must purchase the best quality denim dungaree from e-shopping malls and take care of their cleansing routine to make them last longer. Follow the tips without fail and help your clothes look outlandish on your even after years of purchase!