20 DIY Home Projects Anyone Can Do

DIY home projects

A good DIY project is something that anyone can do, right? We know that not all DIY home projects are created equal–some might require some particularly crafty skills, or require access to some power tools or equipment that the average DIY-er simply doesn’t have. So that’s why we’ve taken the time to write up a list of DIY home projects that essentially anyone can do!

DIY home projects can be a quick (and often much cheaper) way of giving your living space a little flair, or even a little increase in value. They’re a fun way to make your home a little more unique and creative, and for some people, they’re simply just fun to do!

DIY Home Projects Anyone Can Do

We hope this article gives you a little inspiration for DIY home projects, and your house a little upgrade in a pinch!


You don’t need to be a gifted greenthumb or gardener to give your home’s exterior a little sprucing up.

Whether just spreading some mulch and planting some seasonal flowers in the beginning of spring, or planting saplings to one day grow into a tree of life (and give your home’s value a little boost), this is a simple DIY that anyone can do.

It’s limited only by your imagination and what’s in stock at the local nursery or home improvement store.

You don’t need to stop at adding in the plants–you can add in decorative stones, lights, birdhouses, and other decor to your home’s exterior too.

Update The Kitchen Cabinets and Fixtures


The kitchen is the heart of the house, and often the biggest pain in the neck to upgrade. Kitchen renovations tend to be the most costly and longest, because the appliances are expensive and the work requires specialists. But you don’t need to be a master carpenter to update your cabinetry.

You can always repaint, or re-stain, the cabinets in your kitchen yourself. If that’s a little too much for you, you can even just switch out the knobs and handles for stylish new ones.

The same goes for light fixtures in the kitchen–you just need a ladder, and a trip to your hardware store’s lighting department.

Install a Ceiling Fan

This one requires your ceiling to already be wired for fixtures. If this isn’t the case for your home, you’ll have to skip this one and hire a professional electrician.

If your home is wired to accept a ceiling fan, then make another trip to your local hardware store and see what they have.

Besides being fairly easy to install, and fun to operate (especially smart fans and appliances that can be controlled with an app!), ceiling fans will help save your lower your home’s energy bill.


You (and the previous homeowner) might have spent a lot of money on beautiful exterior pavers or etched concrete surfaces, but time and Mother Nature might have discolored or dirtied it over the years.

You can easily restore any stone surface to its lustrous old self with a good power washing–seriously, the difference can be almost night and day.

If you don’t own a power washer, you can rent one for a few hours. The results will be almost instantaneous when you start washing, and so very satisfying.

Repaint Those Walls


You don’t need to be a Pablo Picasso prodigy to give your walls a new splash of color.

If the paint is chipped, the wallpaper is peeling, or you simply want to redo your home’s color palette, pick out a few shades of a color you like and get a roller paint brush and you’re in business!

Paint is very forgiving, so you can test a few different colors and then paint over with the color that you like best.

Add Crown Molding

This is a little more ambitious than repainting the walls, but it’s still manageable.

Most hardware and lumber stores sell crown molding in various designs and colors; you just need to have the measurements they need to cut it, and then some nails and a hammer to install it into your home.

Crown molding is a fairly simple way to add an air of sophistication to your home, and can also add a little bit of value to the bottom line. Try giving it a shot for your next DIY project!



Similar to paint, wallpaper is a great way (albeit a little more involved and delicate) to add a new touch of color to a room.

It’s probably not as practical to wallpaper a large space like a foyer or kitchen versus painting it, but definitely fair game for sitting rooms, bedrooms, closet spaces, or game rooms.

Go ahead and buy some of your favorite wallpaper and paste, and get to it–that’s all.

Wallpaper is a little less forgiving than paint, because it’s harder to touch up chips and rips, and is more delicate and sensitive to the elements than paint, but it can be painted and covered over later if you ever decide to change your mind.

The Front Door

fingerprint biometric bluetooth smart door lock

The front door is your home’s calling card to your guests–it’s the last thing they’ll see before they’re greeted by the host’s smiling face. Make sure it’s a good calling card, and be as creative as you like.

If you have the money, you can simply buy and install a new door. Or if you’re on a budget, you can just repaint, re-stain, or re-decorate the one you already have. Like we said before, painting is very forgiving, so don’t hold back!

Add a Tile Backsplash

We meant it when we said these are DIY home projects that anyone can do, and we stand by it! You might be a little skeptical, but you’d be surprised how easy it is to do your own tiling in the kitchen.

There are plenty of YouTube tutorials for how to do tiling yourself, and you can get all the equipment you need from your local hardware or home improvement store.

Admittedly, this DIY home project will take some time to practice and is more ambitious than the other ones on this list, but you can have a lot of money and add a lot of style (and value) to your kitchen by adding in your own backsplash.

Refinish Your Old Coffee Table

coffee tables

A coffee table is the focal point of the room, for having food and drink, playing board games, or propping your feet up during conversation.

Being the focal point of the room means it can take a little bit of abuse during its lifetime. Give a little makeover by repainting or re-staining it, or buying a new table top or glass top.

Or if you’ve become a master tiler after adding in your own backsplash, why not try tiling the top for a unique, custom look?

Window Film

Window film is a simple way of elevating the glass in your windows, as well as adding a layer of privacy.

You can buy film that gives windows a frosted glass appearance, fluting, and more.

You can add it to the glass in your doors too–the options are endless, and you can buy nearly any design you like online. Installing the film is a snap, and so is removing it.

Create Your Own Gallery Wall

A gallery wall is a great and stylish way to show off photographs you might collect over the years, holiday cards, and any art you might find inspiring enough to buy.

A gallery wall can be as simple as a span of wall where you hang up pin boards and canvases, a painted bookshelf, or shelving you made yourself (they’re not terribly hard to make with some wooden boards that you paint or sanded or stained, and then mount on the wall).

You can easily swap out the decor and art  and photographs when you’d like to change up the room.

Install a Shower Door

shower door

You’ll notice we haven’t added any bathroom DIY projects to this list. Like the kitchen, bathroom renovations tend to be expensive and require specialists in plumbing and masonry.

However, there are a few things you can do to change up the bathroom without needing the big guns.

Installing a new shower door is one of them. There’s something a little more elegant about having a glass (or plexiglass) shower door instead of a curtain.

They’re also cleaner too, and tend to keep more water in the shower than curtains. You can easily buy and install one with an extra pair of hands.

Paint Those Stairs

There’s a reason paint has come up several times on this list. It’s because painting is relatively easy, cheap, and forgiving of mistakes.

If your stairs are getting worn out, scuffed, or you simply want to make your trek between floors a little more vibrant, why not give them a fresh coat of paint? Get some masking tape and test out a few different colors.

You can involve the hand railing and banister too, if they need a touch up.

Add Some Mood Lighting

It’s amazing how lighting can change the energy of the room so quickly. Some colors are perfect for a lively dinner party, other ones and lower intensities are great for watching a movie or gaming.

Mood lighting is easier, cheaper, and smarter than ever to buy–you can get plenty of lighting strips, lighting fixtures, or smart bulbs from brick and mortar stores or online.

Installing them is as easy as connecting them to power, and then linking them to your devices. You can go as simple as buying a few LED strips, or as high-end as an electric fireplace, both of which can be controlled by apps on your devices.

Hang Some Curtains

Curtains are a versatile way to add a touch of charm or elegance to nearly any room in the house. The hardest part is selecting which curtain rod and which curtains you’d like to buy.

Full-length curtains are usually the way to go, as long as you don’t have any pets or children that might pull or get caught up in them on the floor.

Curtains can brighten up any room with a touch of color, and provide a convenient way of adding privacy and blocking out excess sunlight when it’s too bright.

Glam Up Closet Doors

Your closet doors are a template for design; they don’t need to be left blank! In addition to the tried and true painting and re-staining of the doors.

You can also add lining and molding, or attach mirrors with adhesive to elevate the look, and add some functionality as well.

Light Switch Frames

“Who cares about light switches?” We know what you mean, and that’s the point. Light switches are often an afterthought, so adding a touch of color or a frame around them is an excellent way to make them stand out.

You don’t need to buy fancy bespoke switches (although you sure can if you’d like to). You can easily paint the switch panel or buy some faux wooden or metal frames to mount around them, and give the humble light switch a snazzy makeover.

Frame the Mirror

It can be any mirror in the house–they’re all deserving of a nice frame.

You can easily buy them online with the measurements plugged in, or you can build them yourself with properly cut lumber.

Jazz your mirror frame up with a little mood lighting strip too–remember, this is your DIY and your imagination is the limit!

DIY Barn Door

Like the glass shower doors, there’s something special about a barn door.

You don’t seem them in many homes, which is a shame because they’re fun, functional, and unique! And like the glass shower doors, they’re fairly easy to install.

You can get all the necessary railing and hardware online or at most hardware stores, and from there it’s just a matter of going through the instructions.


DIY home projects are possibilities to unharness your goals, explore new abilities, and make meaningful connections. Whether you are revamping up your living area, renewing your wardrobe, or pampering yourself with self-made beauty remedies, there is a DIY project waiting to explore.