Digital Dating: Safety Precautions to Consider

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Whether you’re completely new to online dating, or you’ve been utilizing your web browser to get in touch with a diverse range of other singles for flirting and possible dates, digital dating is so much more convenient than the archaic method of dropping by singles bars and attempting to ‘chat up’ any one of the likely candidates you might happen to bump into.

Compared to the offline version, so many digital daters relish having the ability to pick and choose whom they message, not to mention the option to switch to a different website should they wish to expand their horizons. But before embracing Internet matching wholeheartedly, it would pay to consider the optimum safety measures to take onboard.

Never reveal personal details

When connecting with someone online, no matter how strong a connection you may sense in the initial stages, it is still important to retain a sense of objectivity. Remember, until you really get to know the person you are communciating with, you have no real way of determining their true motivations.

It is an unfortunate aspect of modern life you need to err on the side of caution. So never revealed details such as bank account access codes or sensitive passwords. Your potential date may well vanish into the ether, along with your savings!

Ensure your profile details are verified when you sign up

For most dating sites, the application process is usually straightforward. But you should be wary of procedures which appear to be too easy. Whenever you get asked for details such as your e-mail address or phone number, these should be requested on the understanding they’ll never be made public.

They should also be used as verification. So if you see codes being sent to these outlets as part of the membership process, this is a good sign your website follows competent security protocols.

There’s never any rush about connecting

It would pay to be wary of any site user who appears desperately keen to get to know you. It could be the case they feel they’ve already struck up some sort of rapport; but remember, this isn’t a race. When dating online you have control of your own situation. If you wish to take your time appraising someone’s character, that’s your prerogative.

Excessive enthusiasm can be endearing, but can also be a sign of someone who is less than genuine. Either they are keen to get to know you better so they can find some advantage, such as the previously mentioned ploy to gain your confidence as a prelude to extracting information they don’t need to know anything about. Or they are balancing their apparent interest in yourself with various other site users at the same time.

Honesty is always the best policy

Another golden rule for digital dating is to treat the person at the other end of your communications as you would if you were engaging in a face-to-face situation, and with the levels of trust appropriate to a friend. There is no point falsifying aspects of your personality, such as trying to portray an exaggerated front of confidence and bluster where you are inherently shy, or inventing hobbies or interests because you assume your potential partner will be more impressed.

Sometime they’ll wish to meet you in person, at which point they will be taken aback by the contrast to your online persona, or your admission you made up half the stuff on your profile. If you start a relationship from a position of a lack of trust, it’s never going to get out of that rut.