Different Types of Rigid Boxes

types of rigid boxes

Certain kinds of products require additional support through the box in which they are packaged. The box is not merely intended to provide support to the product, whereas, a visually aesthetic feel to it as well. Hence a perfect packaging solution for these products lies in ‘Rigid boxes.’

Rigid boxes are popular for packaging a few selected products, i.e., board games, luxury products, and gifts. But they are also used for the packaging of other more general products. A Rigid Box is a well-built paper box with a higher thickness formed due to the stacking of chipboard inside. This inner structure is usually overlaid with different kinds of material, including leather, embellished wraps, or fabric wraps.

Many people ask about the difference between other packaging boxes, i.e., corrugated boxes, cardboard boxes and rigid boxes. The noticeable difference between the two is that the Rigid boxes are solid packaging rather than flexible ones. A rigid box cannot change its shape as desired, which is a common in corrugated and cardboard boxes. The sturdy construction of the rigid boxes facilitates it with high durability and a decreased cost of assemblage associated with flexible packaging boxes.

Different Types of Rigid Boxes

Since packaging boxes are also used to give a certain distinct feeling and perception to the products encased inside, rigid boxes also serve a special purpose. Rigid boxes are intent on giving a rather luxurious and prestigious feel to the product encased inside. All the other packaging solutions are unable to serve this exact purpose. The aforementioned persona is provided through the elegance of material, the charm of the constructive style, and beguiling overlays of exotic and textured paper.

Another fascinating feature about Rigid Boxes is that stylistically, it comes in different structures, from tube boxes to magnetic closure boxes to many more. In this article, we’ll discuss different types of rigid boxes and their functionality.

1Partial Covered Rigid Boxes

Sometimes when buying a product, the customers require them to have some sneak peek of the product. This adds value and increases the worth of the product. Therefore, unlike a fully covered rigid box which might not provide the customer with any sort of a sneak peek opportunity into the product’s actuality, a partially covered Rigid Box just might do that.

These boxes have a window in between, which is made from a transparent film. The stiffness and strength of these windows depend upon the size of the window. It usually also depends upon the kind of product that is being packaged inside the box. So, if the window is larger in size, the film needs to be stiffer and vice versa. Similarly, if a beauty or cosmetic product is enclosed in the box, there needs to be a more rigid film than if a luxury product is placed inside, i.e., a candle.

2Telescoping Rigid Boxes

Telescoping Rigid boxes are one of the most highly produced rigid boxes. There are different kinds of Telescoping Rigid boxes. These include:

  • 2 piece telescoping rigid box
  • 3 Piece telescoping rigid box

A 2-piece telescoping rigid box consists of a base and a lid. The lid is usually bigger in size than the base. This increase in the size of the lid lets it fit perfectly on top of the bottom part of the box. These types of boxes are used for several different products like apparel products, electronic products, etc.

As mentioned above, several stylistic factors distinguish rigid boxes amongst each other; similarly, 2-piece telescoping boxes also come in various styles. For example, one of the most famous styles of the two-piece telescoping box lies in cylindrical telescoping rigid box. Such boxes are used for various purposes, the most common of which lies in packaging food and beverage products.

The 3-piece telescoping rigid boxes consist of 3 parts: The upper lid, the bottom part, and the inner piece, also known as the neck. The upper lid and the bottom part are of the same size. That is why the inner piece or the neck is used. The neck acts as an adhesive between both parts as it is connected to the base of the box. These kinds of rigid boxes are usually considered rather stylish and modish and are used to encase products of the same nature. For example, 3-piece rigid boxes are used to encase expensive gifts, mobile phones, and products with high prestige and an aura of luxury.

3Book Style Rigid Boxes

Box Style Rigid box’s enclosing is designed in such a way that it opens like a book. Such a stylistic formation of rigid boxes is very durable, sturdy, and easy to handle. They are also very elegant, and whenever the packaging of rather elegant products is concerned like that of a simple book or a watch, the Book style Rigid boxes are the best option.

Box Style Rigid boxes have a strikingly unique and different look. Apart from its ability to give a sense of elegance and sophistication to the product, these boxes also facilitate the customer in having a blissful un-packing experience. Some customers might buy the product just for the sake of experience that the act of un-boxing such beautiful rigid boxes might have.

Additionally, due to the durability of the box and its elegant design, it can be used by the customers in different forms as well. Hence, such boxes become a motive for buying a certain product for customers. We can also establish from this fact here that the act of ‘after-use of the packaging boxes also plays a crucial role in the selection of products by customers.

4Foldable Magnetic Rigid Boxes

Although Rigid boxes are unlikely to come under to category of ‘flexibility’, the creative team of The Legacy Printing still managed to come up with a solution that would make even Rigid boxes flexible. Hence the idea of ‘Foldable Magnetic Rigid boxes’ was put forth. These foldable rigid boxes still have all the characteristics of a rigid box, i.e., through its sturdiness and its prestigious feeling, whereas the addition lies in its ability to fold.

The folding ability is made by decreasing the thickness of the clipboard placed inside Rigid boxes. This allows for the box to be foldable, whereas it also helps the product still have those beautifully textured paper or leather wrapping above. Some companies, like the aforementioned company, have the closing lid manufactured in a magnetic style. This kind of closing lid also makes the act of unboxing very fun and soothing for the customers. The magnetic folding is also able to hold in the products perfectly, without the worry of anything inside the box being insecure or being affected by external pressure.

5Rigid Drawer Boxes

Rigid Drawer boxes are specifically created in order to provide the customers with a pleasurable and entertaining unpacking experience of the product. These rigid drawer boxes are usually used for packaging products that are fragile and single. The rigid box has two parts:

  • The drawer
  • The sleeve

The drawer opening can be customized in any manner that the client demands. There are a variety of options to choose from. Some clients want a little ribbon or a string at the end of the drawer to open and close it. Some prefer a mere notch cut on the drawer’s closing end to handle the drawer openings.

Companies use Rigid Drawer Boxes in order to give a unique and charming effect to the product when placed on the market shelves. Usually, the drawer will be half-opened, allowing the client to stumble upon the packaging and experience the unpacking effect as well as the product enclosed inside of it. This, in turn, increases the customers’ fascination with the product, increasing their probability of buying the product.

6Q/A Regarding Rigid Boxes

Many people might ask what it is about the legacy printing that distinguishes it from other companies. The first and foremost factor lies in their dedication to producing new and innovative solutions regarding packaging. For example, although it was unusual for Rigid packaging to be present in flexible designs, the company still came up with an idea to make it somewhat flexible by combining it with different materials and finally stumbling upon one of the most suitable materials, i.e., magnet.

Additionally, the company can provide different kinds of finishes to the Rigid boxes that are ordered. These finishing touches might range from a glossy touch to a matte touch, from a pure leather touch to an exotic textured paper touch. The team of graphic designers can also facilitate the clients in finding the best possible color combination for their drawer box or books style rigid boxes.

In essence, the services do not only end in the production of the desired rigid box, but the company also pays much heed to the importance of the box conforming to the nature of the product and catering to the customer needs and demands apart from being a branding and marketing element.