8 Deciding Factors for Buying Email List


One of the best ways to grow your business is by using email marketing. It’s a tried-and-true method for generating leads, increasing sales, and building brand awareness. However, one of the most important decisions you’ll make regarding email marketing is what type of list you should buy from an email service provider. This post will discuss some factors that you should consider before you buy email list. It includes cost, quality/accuracy, data freshness, and more!

Cost To Buy Email List

What is the total cost of buying an email list? It includes not only the upfront costs but also ongoing management fees and hosting. Be sure to compare all factors before making a final decision on which provider you choose.


How accurate are these emails lists? Usually, when you purchase a targeted lead list from a service provider, many people have not opted in to receive emails, and other businesses also have purchased the same list. You will want information where at least 80% of those on it are potential customers.

2Data Freshness of Email Marketing Lists

When you purchase an email list, how recently has this data been updated? If the information is stale or old, it will not be as valuable to you. Consider how often your list provider updates their lists so that they continue to contain recent data about email addresses and what those people want to be sent to them via email.

3Data Segmentation

One of the essential keys in marketing is getting down to a granular level of detail. By segmenting your business email list, you can tailor how and what information is sent to each group within the email addresses on a more extensive list. Ensure that your provider allows for this type of data input so that you don’t end up sending out irrelevant messages or not targeting enough different groups with unique offers.

4Data Verification

How are email lists verified? Email verification is essential when you buy an email list for marketing. It means that the provider will send an email to your target audience, and if it’s not delivered, there could be some problems with your marketing efforts.


What happens after emails have been sent out using bought lists? Typically, emails that are sent out using these lists will generate a certain number of unsubscribes. Since you want to build an audience who likes your content, it’s essential to look at how many people do not want future messages and what is being done about this issue.

6Delivery Rate

It refers to the percentage of email addresses on a list that is valid and working. If your provider has a high delivery rate, then you can be sure they have been mailing to active email addresses rather than bounced emails or invalid accounts. To ensure an authentic list, always get them from resources like List Giant.

7Bounce Rate

It refers to the number of emails on a list that bounce back because they were not delivered due to an incorrect address or other problems. It is essential to have a low bounce rate so that you can be sure your messages get into the inboxes of those on your list.

8Opt-Out Rate

It refers to the number of subscribers who opt-out or unsubscribe from future mailings. Often email providers will claim their lists are “opt-in” when they are actually “opt-out.” It means that people have signed up for the list, but when they receive messages, they then remove themselves from future mailings. If you are buying an email leads the list with a high opt-out rate, this is not good news for your business, as it will reduce the delivery and open rates of your emails sent to these addresses.

After considering all these factors, you are good to buy email lists for your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes a good email list?

A good email list is the one that has a lower opted-out and bounce rate. Also, all the data should be accurate, fresh, and verified.

What is one advantage to using a purchased email list?

The most significant advantage of buying an email list is that you can build your brand awareness to the targeted clients in a short time.

Is buying an email list a good idea?

Yes, it helps you expand your business reach quickly. It will also increase the delivery rate while reducing the opt-out and bounce rate. Hence, assisting in increasing sales and leads.