11 Content Promotion Best Practices to Drive Traffic

content promotion

Content is usually the information given to the end user on the subject demanded by him/her. This content can be in a book, TV, Internet, magazines and any other source. The content written need to match the requirement of the client and the reader need to enjoy the article while reading it. The content also needs to be informative irrespective of its length.

Many freelancers take a lot of time to write content but the article won’t be that effective irrespective of the hard work put by them. They might feel disgraced that the content is not up to the mark or they are not a good writer. But in reality that is not the issue; the problem is the content which they have written is not promoted well and need a good promotion.

Here are some of the effective tips for content promotion.

Customer-Content Fit

The content which you have written needs to fit the audiences that are being targeted. The targeted customers need to see your article and for that, we need to reach them rather than them reaching us. If the customer messages you, do reply back and if possible give an idea to them regarding your next article in order to build and curiosity in them. Present the content in as many website or journals or wherever there is scope so that the targeted audiences get it than confining to a single website.

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Strong title

The title of the content requires being strong enough to get more attention. If possible while posting on various social media post it with different titles on each website so that you can understand what a good title is according to the responses. Based on this research we can get details of the interest of the audience.

Posting at right time

Posting an article when no viewers are active online, it’s a waste of your time. The article needs to be posted when there is the maximum number of viewers who are interested in seeing the articles. Though it changes from customer to customer, we need to do certain research before posting the article. Post a mini-article or a glimpse of the article at the various time on different social media networks so that we can know when is the right time to post. By doing this we can also create an interest in the audience regarding our article. It is like two birds in one hit.

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Get feedback

Feedback is one thing where the writers gets to know the areas where he is needed to improve and he can also know the taste and preference of the audience which is useful for him in the next article. After the article, we can include the feedback option which consists of certain questions regarding an article. There is nothing wrong with getting negative feedback and they must be viewed as skipping stones to success.

Get promoted

There are certain website and organizations that promote the content for free or take a certain amount of money to do the service. If you want to get more crowds for the article then it is advised to go for paid promotions. These articles go directly to the customers or the one who is searching for the similar type of articles.

Contact experts

It is good if the expert is contacted for getting feedback or for improving the quality of the article. Being in the same industry for long time experts will have a good knowledge about the viewers and the trend that is going in the current market. Their help gives a plus and boost to the content. The experts can be either people who have knowledge of the similar content or people who have good knowledge about the market.

Post on various social media

In today world social media is a key for anything that goes viral. People spend more time these channels rather than other things. So, post the article on various social media so that a large number of customers can be targeted easily in less time. All that is required is that the article needs to have a catchy title and a well informative content that creates interest and helps the reader to understand what he is looking at.

Write articles for other sites

In order to improve the quality and quantity of the article, the marketer is advised to write an article for other website or blogs until he gained a good experience. By this, writer can know his strengths and weaknesses and improve accordingly. This helps him/her to understand the requirements of the customer so that when he writes his/her own articles it will be helpful as he/her keep in mind certain points. It also helps him to know the areas where the customers are more and at what time. It gives him an advantage while doing his own work.

Always update

Certain articles need to be updated every now and then. Some bloggers post articles that have old information which misguides the reader and it gives a wrong impression in his mind. So they need to write or update the article where all updates are required. This gives a positive vibe to the customer about the article and he prefers to visit our blog for getting information. This helps both old and new audience.

Make it easy to audience

The people who are reading your article need to understand and find it useful. They need to understand what you are trying to say. Always keep the article simple and make sure that it reaches the right audience, at right time.

Check for errors

The article which you have written needs being free from errors both grammatically and content-wise. Make sure that you have written the right content that meets the requirements. The articles need to be free from spelling mistakes and grammar mistakes. Also, make sure that you have wrapped up the article in a splendid way.

These are certain tips that will help to promote your content. However strategies can be change as per industry, site category and personal requirements. But these are required for almost everyone who are looking for promotion of their content.