Buying an Apartment in Oba: 3 Compelling Reasons Why You Should

oba, turkey

The Turkish landscape is a country of contrasts, with a pure blue sea, a dynamically developing infrastructure, and residential complexes. Turkey has a mild subtropical climate. When you come to rest in the Republic of Turkey and think: Why don’t I stay here forever?

Buying an apartment in Oba, Turkey is a wise investment. Real estate is for sale in Oba, Kestel, Mahmutlar, Avsallar, and others.

All areas have developed infrastructure. Living in any city is comfortable. Oba has educational institutions, hospitals, shops, supermarkets, banks, cafes, restaurants, and kindergartens. In general, everything you need for life and comfort is here. Contact a consultant or visit the website to find out the flats prices in Oba.

Top 3 reasons to buy property in Turkey

Foreigners are showing an increasing interest in buying property in Turkey. For example, at the end of last year, the growth in housing sales to foreign citizens amounted to more than 15% compared to 2021.

Investors name three main reasons for buying Turkish property:

  • Investment

Real estate remains one of the most reliable investment vehicles. Housing prices are rising.

Moreover, if the property is sold you can get more than you spent on its purchase.

  •  Moving

Many people buy real estate to move to Turkey for permanent residence. Especially a lot of foreigners moved to the province of Oba last year, which remains one of the most popular locations for buying property.

  • Obtaining citizenship

If you buy real estate for 400,000 USD you can get a Turkish passport. It is one of the most popular citizenship-by-investment programs.

Relocation, investment, and citizenship are all significant reasons. Let’s look at what else people are guided by when buying an apartment in Oba, Turkey. For those interested in exploring the current state of the real estate market in Oba, visit the comprehensive website Turk.Estate to find up-to-date information on prices for apartments in Oba and much more.

Other reasons to buying an apartment in Oba, Turkey

1. Climate

Living by the sea is probably the biggest dream of many people. In many countries, winters last almost half a year, and summers are neither warm nor sunny. In Turkey, the opposite is true.

The hot summer lasts for eight months, from April to November. The air temperature at this time is from +28 to +35 degrees, and the water in the sea has a temperature of up to +28.

Winter lasts four months a year and has a temperature of +20 to +23, and the water in the sea has a temperature of +18. Oba has sea air. It is clean, healing, and healthy for physical and mental balance.

2. Traveling

The Republic of Turkey is located at the crossroads of Europe and Asia. It allows residents to travel at a lower cost. Travel within the country of Turkey is very cheap.

3. Standard of living

When purchasing real estate in Turkey, you get comfortable living conditions. You will have a heated pool, a bathhouse, a sauna, a hammam, secure parking, and playgrounds.

4. ROI

Real estate can be bought as an investment. The property can be rented out. Moreover, coming to rest in your home at any time convenient for you is a big plus.

Real estate by the sea is popular with investors. You can also consider buying for resale. Real estate prices in Turkey are increasing. By buying a property for resale, you can make a significant deal. The purchase is completed directly with the developer or owner without any intermediaries. Everyone will find a suitable option to meet their goals and needs in Oba.

For what other advantages do investors choose Oba, Turkey?

  •  You can get favorable mortgage terms.
  •  Get a consumer loan.
  •  Free medicine.
  •  Free education for children.
  •  No work visa is required for formal employment.
  •  No need to apply for a residence permit and renew it.

To cut a long story short

Currently, there are very favorable conditions for real estate transactions in Oba. Over the past few months, the real estate market in Oba has seen a buzz.

Guests from other countries willingly buy square meters. The Turkish Institute of Statistics shared its data:

  •  Indicators only increased 151% in September, says the institution.
  • In August, the figure was slightly lower but still impressive. So, for the last month of summer, there were 129% more transactions than in the same period a year ago.
  •  In September 2022, foreign buyers purchased more than 5.600 properties.

You will be able to make the right choice with the knowledge of top reasons why you should buy an apartment in Oba, Turkey. Allow you to relax and enjoy Turkish bliss in real life.