Features to Look for In Buying a Standing Desk


You’ve probably heard about the numerous benefits of using a standing desk and convinced that you should have one for a healthier lifestyle change. With the various designs available in the market, now comes the crucial part of answering what type of standing desk is suitable for your needs?

More than determining whether a stand up desk is the right choice for you, you should also decide which type of standing table will fit the kind of work that you have. Thus, keen research will be a part of your journey to finding the best stand up desk.

Below are some essential features that you should look for:

Sit and stand feature

Before buying a standing desk and chair for your office, try standing for about one to two hours while working and see how it will make you feel. If you think you cannot stand a whole 8-hour shift, then a sit-and-stand desk feature is the right option for you.

Sitting for a prolonged period is harmful to your health. On the other hand, some experts believe that standing while working can only be beneficial to a certain extent. Dr. James Levine, author of “Get Up!: Why Your Chair is Killing You and What Can You Do About It,” said that a combination of micro-movements of standing up and sitting down with regular intervals have more chances to burn calories and improve overall health.

To avoid back and neck pain, varicose veins, and foot and ankle problems, it’s better to get a flexible desk, which will allow you to stand and sit while working.

Adjustable features

There are different adjustment features available for standing desks. Here are some of the most convenient features.

1Adjustable Height

This feature allows you to adjust the height of your standing desk according to your preference. Some adjustable height feature allows you to modify the desk while keeping your monitor, keyboard, and other office materials in place. You can also choose from manual or electronic height adjusting feature.

2Desk Converter

If you’re happy with your current desk or on a tight budget, you can always go for desk add-ons that can be on top of your table. Some offer a swing-arm type mechanism that can fold whenever you do not feel like using it.

3Tilting Desktop

This type of feature allows you to tilt your laptop up and down. Keep in mind to have your monitor at least an arm’s length away and tilted about 10 degrees back. It gives your eyes a perfect distance from the monitor.

Materials used

The hype of standing desks allows knock-offs to sell affordable yet frail quality. Look for standing desks that uses high-quality materials and still features a professional look. Choose a modern-looking design with sturdy materials like solid wood. It’s also advisable to look for water and stain-resistant material, which meant to last despite all the cup of coffee you needed during work hours.

Regardless if you will be using it for business or personal use, buying a standing desk is an excellent investment. Just make sure to put your money to the right product through the help of the tips mentioned above.