6 Best Weekend Getaways for Couples in the Southern


Southern hospitality has a charm of its own. While you’re on vacation, you want the best of what your vacation spot can offer you. Nothing beats the southern heat and warmth bouncing off your skin coupled with excellent meals. If you’re looking for a romantic getaway with your partner, the south is where you want to be. You can weave through different locations, hiking, trekking, and even going to amusement parks. However, that’s not all that it takes for a vacation.

Top Romantic Weekend Getaways in the Southern

Vacation is an excellent time to catch some relaxation. It’s a way to switch off from the world and focus on yourself. If you’re looking for great weekend gateways down southern, we got you. Here are some sites worth your visitation:

1Gatlinburg, Tennessee

If you’re into cozy chains and long hikes on the mountain, you may want to visit Gatlinburg. The area is mountainous with just enough vegetation to keep you interested. You can enjoy the Rocky Mountains or go on a walk with your lover. There’s also a grand amusement park for adventure seekers. When you are finished with your day, wrap up and enjoy a cozy meal at a downtown restaurant. Who doesn’t like hiking, the romantic sun, and the beautiful sceneries to enjoy?

Moreover, it’s not a bad idea to spend a few days in Gatlinburg. There are plenty of comfortable accommodations available for couples. For instance, you can search online by typing Gatlinburg cabins to find some suitable options for you and your lover.

2New Orleans, Louisiana

Suppose you’re all about culture and architecture from the French Quarters to the weeping willow. New Orleans draws cultural inspiration from Spain, France, and even the Caribbean. There is music, architecture, and culture waiting for you. Don’t forget the famous and delicious gumbo waiting to make an appearance. You can stroll through the scenic beauty and even tap your feet to the jazz music being played. When you’re through, sit and enjoy the sunset and evening breeze with your lover.

3St Petersburg, Florida

St Petersburg is all that you need for a weekend. It is mainly known for its beaches and relaxed vibe. If you head downtown, you will find many bars and restaurants on Central Avenue. If shopping for local tradespeople was your thing, there were many great finds. The Dali and the Holocaust museum must make a cut on your list. You can enjoy a live concert at Jannus Live in the open air and the toasty summer breeze.

4Atlanta, Georgia

The charming city was birthed in 1847. There is so much history brimming there. It has been famous for the Civil Rights Movement and played a significant role in the Civil War. Major film industries have enjoyed setting their sights here. As you explore the city, make a pit stop at Georgia Aquarium, home to hundreds of species. History buffs are also welcome to explore the Jimmy Carter Presidential Library and Museum and Martin Luther King National Historical Park. You also get to indulge in some fine food. This city offers amazing food places, especially barbecue and unique bars. If you like your alcohol and your Thai food, come down to Atlanta.

5Raleigh North Carolina

North Carolina knows how to do southern hospitality like no other. Raleigh is home to so many museums waiting for you to stop by. There is also something for modern art lovers with a taste for uniqueness. You can weave through to enjoy the works of local and international contemporary artists. Don’t forget to visit their famous denim factory and pick something for you and your lover. Who doesn’t like to profess their love with the best quality jeans? While you’re still in North Carolina, don’t forget to feast on the beer and chicken. Venues like Beasley’s chicken and honey are your go-to places.

6Huntsville Alabama

The best weekend getaway for you is Huntsville, Alabama. It is known as the Rocket City, and it is home to the U.S. Space & Rocket Center. However, you don’t have to be a space nerd to enjoy this southern city. The history-enriched city has so much for you. Take a peek and enjoy world-class museums and historic homes that you can tour for free in April or October. Suppose you want to sink your teeth in their food. A popular place to eat and get drinks is Campus 805. Once a school, the space is now all about food and entertainment. Take advantage of the repurposed location and enjoy good meals.

Final Words

Your weekend getaways matter. The best way you can book the perfect holiday is through research. If you’re looking for both food and sites, the south got you. There is much for you to do. You can explore, eat and drink and enjoy everything the south has to give. There are numerous cities for you to explore, each with its charm. So don’t forget to pack your summer attire and hop on down. After you taste the culture and the food, you and your lover will be inseparable. So book your weekend gateways now.