Top 10 Best Technology and Computer Magazines for IT Geeks


No one has ever thought that the computers that have been designed just for doing large calculations to save time will come that long way and become an integral part of our lives. If we look around then we will find that almost everything is now controlled by computers. Really, who has ever imagined that technology will advance to such an extent that a hand held device (our smartphone) can do almost any task from entertaining us to connecting with anyone from anywhere in the world. And, it’s not that the advancement in technology has come to an end or stopped, everyday a new technology evolves and makes our life more convenient.

So, if you are inquisitive in nature and want to know more about technological innovations or you would like to keep yourself updated about the latest technology trends then what better than a computer magazine.

In our article we have put some of the best technology and computer magazines that will provide all the information related to technology.

10 Best Technology and Computer Magazines

Whether you are an avid reader or computer enthusiast, these magazines are if not the only one but still the best source of information that helps users to keep updated with the latest technological news and trends.

And the best part of these computer magazines is that they not only provide you the latest news from the technology and computer world but also guide you how to use the latest technology effectively. All the technology and computer magazines that we have handpicked in this article are satisfying the curiosity of users with an uninterrupted flow of information from the past many years.

So without further ado let’s check out top 10 computer and technology magazines for IT geeks.

1Mac Format

Since its introduction in 1993, MacFormat is now crowned with the UK’s best selling Apple magazine. If you are the one that wants to keep yourself updated with the latest news, tutorials, review, and advice on Mac, or other apple products like iPhone, iPad, Apple TV/Watch and other apps then MacFormat is the one for you. Unbiased reviews on the latest mac products, and tricks to get the most out of your mac products and apps are some of the features that makes MacFormat a must read for mac users.

2PC World

If you are looking for a computer magazine that provides you every bit of information like product reviews, gadget launch, latest news, technology articles, blogs then PC World is an unanimous choice. If you are looking for a print version of PC World then you may be a bit disappointed as since 2013, the magazine does not offer a print version but still you can keep yourself updated with the digital version of the magazine.

PC World not only provides you with the latest news on technology but also even experiments with it in order to provide its readers with various tips to use technology in unconventional ways.


Wired is not just like the conventional technology and computer magazines that publishes the product reviews, gadget news, product launch, on the contrary it presents the technology news with a different angle and perspective. With its inception in the year 1993, it has now affirmed its place as one of the top notch magazines that covers not only the news on technology but also focuses on various other topics like business, lifestyle, and politics.

Once you start reading Wired magazine you will know that it is a bit different from other magazines as it not only talks about tech news but also the impact of technology on us. It also help you to understand which technology is meant for you and how it can be implemented in real life

4.NET magazine

You do not think much about latest technology trends, but what you need information on is software development and web designing then you must try .NET magazine. Although, in its initial days this magazine just covers and publishes the latest news on the internet but with the time it has evolved itself and now become a must read for coders and designers.

So, if you are new in the arena of coding and designing then this magazine has a lot to offer you.

5Linux Format

Started with a small team of just 3 members in May 2000, has now become a one of the best selling Linux titled magazines in the UK. With articles and tutorials focused on teaching users to expand their skills in the Linux operating system and the software related to it, Linux Format can be considered a must read magazine for all users who support the open source community.

Unlike other computer magazines, Linux Format has a unique style that brings all the essential and current news of the latest release in the open source market in an entertaining way.

It doesn’t matter whether you are an avid reader of technology magazines or a computer professional or a system administrator, Linux format has everything you need.

6Mac Life

Originally this magazine started its publication under the name MacAddict, however it later changed its name to Mac Life. If you are a die hard fan of Apple operating system and Apple devices then you can’t afford to skip any edition of Mac Life. With its complete focus on Apple products it contains all the latest news, product launch, product reviews, app reviews, software reviews related to Apple ecosystem.

Moreover the magazine not only provides you with the latest tips and tricks to get the most out of your mac apps and products but also provides you with unbiased advice to make a correct purchase decision. As a mac user you can find every piece of information given in the magazine highly useful and effective.


CNET doesn’t need any introduction, as it is one of the most popular magazines that covers almost every digital news. While many of the magazines just focus on the devices that can bring a change in the future, CNET also focuses on the people that are responsible for bringing that change. This wonderful magazine that publishes in every quarter of the year contains everything from unbiased reviews, to computer tips and tricks to the interviews of the people that are behind technology advancement going in the world.

Moreover, since it is platform dependent therefore it constantly publishes latest news and reviews of all the technological devices released or about to release.

8Info Security

Info Security is another must read magazine for the people in the field of IT or cyber security, as it has everything you need to keep yourself updated with the latest happenings going on in the computer world.

The information contained in the magazine is contributed by the people who are themselves scholars of the IT and cyber security field. Their sole motto to share the information is to make the new generation aware of the futuristic technology that has either come to the market or about to come.

9T3 Magazine

T3 abbreviated as Tomorrow’s Technology Today is publishing rich content on the latest technology and devices from the year 1996. It has a huge fan base that consider T3 magazine as a prime source for getting the news on latest gadgets to be launched that includes but not restricted to TVs, phones, smart tech devices and much more. And this is the reason T3 magazine is now one of the leading technology based magazines in the UK that covers latest product launches and its reviews, tips on how to use and get most out of your gadget and a buyer’s guide to make your decision easy at the time of buying a product.

10Maximum PC

It has been more than two decades since Maximum PC magazine is serving its computer fans, especially the one who wishes to learn something new and in depth in the field of computer hardware. Therefore, if you are looking for the latest news on lifestyle, business, politics then obviously this magazine is not meant for you. However, if you wish to learn more about the new hardware that has arrived recently in the market, like its reviews, features, specifications then there is no better magazine than Maximum PC.

Apart from latest hardware reviews the magazine also provides you with advanced tips to get the most out of your computer and boost its performance. So, in short this magazine is more for computer nerds, tech geeks and advanced users than for novice users.


Well, apart from these computer and technology magazines discussed above there are some tech blogs that not only provide you with latest tech news but also the simple ways on how to use the technology.