The Best Romantic Places You Must Visit With Soulmate


There are thousands of romantic places around the world that make romantic hearts beat faster. Some of them are man-made masterpieces, the others belong to nature miracles. However, all of them deserve a special place on our list if you want to have a romantic date with your soulmate. Scroll down to choose your place of alluring beauty!

Romantic places to meet sunset

No matter what type of travel destinations you prefer, every heart feels softer, enjoying the beams of the sun goes down. The most terrific sunsets are usually those facing the water, so have a look at some sunset romantic places to visit.

1Easter Island

This remote piece of land in the Pacific Ocean is famous not for sunsets but for the giant ancient statues all over the island. Even more, the travelers and photographers criticize the medieval masters for creating most statues at the eastern part of the island. So, we cannot enjoy the view of the sun as it goes down among the stone giants. Still, the views of the sun dying in the waters of the Pacific Ocean deserve every minute spent there.

2Perth, Australia

It is a romantic place to go in the western part of Australia where you can combine two great sightseeing. The first one is that humpback whales migrate from the equator to Antarctica along Perth’s coast during the whole fall and early winter. You can take your soulmate to a romantic walk in the evening and observe these magnificent creatures crashing the waters in the sunset light. The sunsets of the Indian Ocean are fabulous as well.

3Flower Fields in Holland

The most stunning romantic places for couples can be the result of tedious human work as well. Every year in spring, the Netherlands welcomes tourists to enjoy the flower blooming all over the countryside. You can take a bus to the location, or rent a bike, or even a romantic tandem bike, and drive to the fields under the morning sun. It is better to plan a visit at the beginning of April when all types of flowers are in blossom.

4Buenos Aires

This passionate Argentine capital can be in the list of romantic places for anniversary. It combines the diversity of flowers, colors, tastes, and freedom to create whatever you want. Your couple can enjoy observing classical Italian and French architecture, dance passionate Latina dances, drink exotic vines, and try delicious steaks. It is a city where art lives in everything. It is the Paris of the 21st century, and you can have an amazing trip to your dreams together.

5Tongariro National Park in New Zealand

Romantic places during covid should be remote and in the open air. There is no place in the world like this terrific national park in the New Zealand mountains. It is an ideal location for an active hiker and for a mindful, spiritual person. Tongariro is a Maori cultural area, and an outstanding volcanically created natural zone. It is protected by UNESCO and deserves to be on our list. The majestic peaks and the park, the color of the mist covered lake will create an atmosphere of the magical journey.

Romantic places for honeymoon

Romantic places for honeymoon are usually the combination of the warm sea, gentle sand underneath, and minimum clothes involved. We would like to offer you some classical romantic places and the alternative to typical tropical experiences.

This romantic island became famous due to the unusual sand color of the beaches. If you are craving about lazy beach time, it is a great option to go. Some beaches have a slight pink color coming from the shells and corals surrounding the island. It is an isolated romantic place for just-married people with a delicious Latin cuisine, and many newlyweds prefer it to popular resorts. You can also observe the water-meeting line where the Atlantic Ocean meets the Caribbean Sea. Many celebrities prefer visiting Harbor Island all the year round, so you can use this opportunity as well.

6Prague, Czech Republic

If your soulmate prefers castles and crowds to beaches and sunny vacations, Prague can be your choice for a honeymoon. It is a fantastic romantic place both in summer and in the Christmas period, covered with snow or fallen leaves. You can devote the trip to historical places, national food, and smoky beer halls, take a boat cruise, or just make a wish on Charles bridge. It is said to come true, do you believe in that? The Old City of Prague is world-known for its gothic architecture. Though, you have to be aware of the countless thieves in the historical area.

7Iceland hot springs

We all want to visit some romantic places with hot tubs. And it is not only about Jacuzzi. Can you imagine swimming in a hot pool covered with stars, snow, and spectacular Northern lights? Well, welcome to Iceland hot springs, the land of volcanic fire, ice, and water. It is a romantic and secluded destination. All hot tubs and natural springs are with geothermal water and are heated naturally. You may organize an unforgettable trip for your soulmate. There is no one who was indifferent to the beauties of milky blue lagoon water. So, pamper your couple and stay safe and sound.

8Rome, Italy

Romantic places for Valentine’s day usually go along with history and traditional ceremonies. The tradition is to take your beloved for dinner and present something romantic. But the history of this holiday goes deep into the times of the first Christians, and Valentine was originally from Rome. So, it is a good idea to visit this eternal city, and, probably, you can make it your family tradition. Rome offers lots of sights for every tourist, so you will find what to put on your beloved bucket list. We offer you to take a carriage through the whole old city, or toss coins to make a wish to Trevi Fountain. Rome and “romantic” have the same root, so use it to make your soulmate happy.

9Ithaa Restaurant, the Maldives

The restaurant is the thing we think first of all, when we plan a romantic night with a beloved person. One of the most romantic places for dinner is located under the sea level in the Maldives. The name of the restaurant means “pearl mother,’ and it is a real gem among the other food castles of the world. You may surprise your soulmate by the exotic location, delicious food, and the breathtaking view. The ceiling and the walls are made from glass, and you may enjoy the view of the reef and passing fish.


This world has lots of things to offer to travel noobs and profs. We hope our guide to romantic places is going to help you make the ideal date.

Do you have your favorite travel destinations? What romantic places have you already been to? Share some ideas with our readers in the comments below. Have a nice trip!

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