10 Best Mobile App Security Testing Tools

mobile app security testing

Businesses need to stay on fingertips as well as the minds of the consumers to beat the competition. There has been a surge in demand for web and mobile apps due to an increase in users of digitized solutions. All these changes in conditions demand high-level security cover for tools like mobile apps.

In this post, we have annotated for you the best mobile app security testing tools that have become the favorite of professional mobile app testing services. Let’s take a quick look at the requisite features of mobile app security testing tools.

Things to look for in mobile app security testing tools 

The expert mobile app testing services prefer following features in the security testing tools:

  • Easy to integrate with mobile app development cycle
  • Fully automated
  • Highly accurate
  • Accommodating of all types of mobile apps
  • Quicker results
  • Time-forward app support

Top Mobile App Security Testing Tools

Which are the mobile app security tools that have above-mentioned features? Let’s take a look at the list of best mobile app security testing tools that we have curated for you.


QARK stands for Quick Android Review Kit. This app security testing tool is baby of LinkedIn. It is quite beneficial for functions, such as:

  • Analysis of performance static code. The code of both existing .apk file and that of the source code is covered by this mobile app security testing tool
  • Generation of report and outlining of all security vulnerability points
  • Designed for Android OSs specifically to get an idea of all security issues

If you plan to be a regular with professional mobile testing services, you should think of familiarizing yourself with this testing tool.


Drozer is a popular open source mobile app security testing tool. Testers can analyze and review Android applications on grounds like safety of use.

Main features of Drozer are:

  • It is interactive in nature and is designed using intuitive approach for better user experience
  • The overall work will comprise reporting bugs, making suggestions and advising patches wherever needed
  • Drozer framework comprises: Apk file and main app console
  • It requires Python 2.7, Protobuf 2.6 or greater, Pyopenssl 16.2, Android Debug Bridge, and Twisted 10.2 or higher.

This mobile app security testing tool is quite detailed and every feature is a full-fledged module in itself.

8ImmuniWeb® MobileSuite

It is a cloud-based testing tool best-suited for 2021 mobile apps. The tools augments AI and ML to give mobile testing a cutting edge. Its main features include:

  • Detailed coverage of all security checks and assessment of privacy-focused issues
  • Upload source code and you are good to go; this testing tool demands nothing else.
  • Fully automated and easily customizable tool

This tool has found a firm hold among mobile app testing services that prefer to have a lot of checks of various types done in a systematic manner.


CxSAST is a conspicuously advanced mobile app testing solution designed by CheckMarx. This is quite useful for maintaining security of solutions and working tools suitable for internal processes. Main features comprise:

  • Quick catching and effective resolution of all vulnerable security points
  • Quite easy to employ and accommodate in the development environment

This mobile app testing support offers the best and most synergetic testing solution for all tests; the number of tests possible to do is quite high.


AppScan is a dynamic testing tool to ascertain mobile app security. Its main utility lies among security experts and pen-testers. Designed by HCL Technologies, this mobile security tool comprises strengths, such as:

  • Full Suite comprising IAST that offers advantages of both SAST and DAST
  • Streamlines security testing and integrates it with development pipeline
  • Helps ensure compliance and adherence to policies

App Scan is an open-source security testing tool that helps ascertain any mobile app’s vulnerabilities and pain points are amply addressed.

5IBM Application Security on Cloud

IBM Application Security on Cloud is IBM’s contribution to the world of mobile app security solutions’ world. Apart from the mobile apps, this security testing solution is applied to web apps also. Main features include:

  • Scans both .apk and source code files
  • Prepares report of all security flaws and suggests improvements
  • Suggests all anti-hacking solutions
  • Details the points that can be attacked by possible malicious hackers

Hence, this app security testing tool makes it easy to ascertain if the MVP or the full-fledged app is good to go for production, and that it can withstand all possible threats.

4Android Debug Bridge

It is a versatile testing tool using which 2021 mobile app testing services analyze and review both mobile apps and Android devices. This tool serves the purpose beautifully through features, such as:

  • Communicates with the device or emulator in actual to understand security infrastructure
  • Full of functionalities like install or uninstall apps, run shell commands, and transfer files or reboot.

Its ability to simultaneously test several use instances makes it the preferred option of professional mobile testing services.

3Test Project

Test Project is an automation-driven testing tool that covers applications, API and devices, etc. Its main features are:

  • Based on Selenium and Appium
  • Suitable for mobile and web applications functional on iOS and Android
  • Makes automation scripts more robust

With its smart features, this testing tool helps QA experts test tasks that involve complex configurations.


Perfecto offers world-class solution to tackle tests of varying complexities. This tool used by mobile app testing services have features such as:

  • Seamless execution of tests across all browsers and devices
  • It can intelligently automate testing of codes and scriptless solutions
  • AI insights offer it a powerful testing quality.

The QA experts and mobile testing services depend a lot on this app testing solution which helps them deliver world-class solutions.

1Katalon Studio

Katalon from Katalon Studio offers end-to-end test automation support. This testing tool fits all sorts of teams and is easily scalable. This turnkey solution for mobile testing comprises following features:

  • Productive IDE to carry out robust testing on all platforms
  • Codeless testing support extension
  • Seamless storage process for all UI elements with added advantage of reusability

Summing up

Enlisted above are 10 path-breaking mobile app testing tools, which have helped up the game for quick-to-market mobile app developers. These testing tools are built using all time-forward technologies trending in current times, and serve the requirements of mobile testing services sustainably.