15+ Best iPhone Launchers For Android And iOS


iPhone launchers work by transforming an Android interface to twin with that of iOS elements. Just because you have an Android does not mean that you have to stick with it all the way. Combine the fluidity of iPhone devices with the customization options of the Android system. Look at some best iPhone launchers for Android and iOS devices.

1Launch Center Pro

Priced at just $2.99, this launcher rivals as one of the best launchers on the market. This allows you to launch specific features within apps themselves. This provides you with handy shortcuts to your apps, with a variety of themes to handle them in. 3D Touch support is a special feature that allows quicker actions that you have the freedom to customize. There is also IFTTT support.

2i6 Plus iOS Launcher

This launcher is less-than-creatively named after Apple’s iPhone 6. Thus, it gives the look and feel of using the highly popular iPhone 6. It is free to use, though the developers compensate this with an overuse of ads.

This launcher gives a sharp and smooth performance that bypasses the common problem of Android screens becoming fragmented.

3Espier Launcher

This launcher is likely to catch you by surprise by making your smartphone’s launch lag-free. Though it won’t actually improve your phone’s overall performance, it will make the home screen more responsive. It won’t apply the iOS limitation of reducing the number of widgets, though they are capped at 8. This is entirely to ensure the high responsiveness of the app.


This may top as one of the best iOS launchers for Android. This is due to the high amount of customization options, as well as accurate transition effects. The free version of this app does have some restrictions, though. The paid version has special features such as ‘unread badge count’, as well as other gestures and transition effects.

5Phone X Launcher

This launcher’s benefits begin with the fact that it’s free from the Google Play Store. It converts the Android launch into that of an iPhone X. It’s identical to everything about the iPhone X interface. This means that the notch present on iPhone X screens is also present. This may or may not appeal to you. There are also easy customization tools to make the shortcuts personalized.

6XOS iPhone Launcher

This iPhone launcher is unique in that it supplies a smooth launch whether or not the Android base of your phone incorporates low-end hardware. This launcher app provides a very satisfying range of effects and customization features. Lower-end smartphones can use this app easily.

7OS 10 Launcher

Mimicking the iOS launcher almost perfectly, users of this launcher will experience the iOS system on whatever handset they own. The premium version is pretty similar to the free version so you won’t have to miss out on the better features. OS 10 Launcher allows apps to start up on your phone in the same way as on an iPhone. There are customization options and also an Apple-like weather widget.

8One Launcher

One Launcher attracts many Android users because of how accurately it mimics the iOS interface. It provides iOS transition effects, icon packs and system icons. It scatters the apps on your home screen in the same way as the iOS interface, though easy customization allows you to move them about your home screen.

One Launcher categorizes the apps, simplifying user experience. The Android Marshmallow system (or further updated systems) will require permissions to reap all the benefits of this launcher.

9Nova Launcher

3D touch is one of the popular iPhone 6S features that Nova Launcher incorporates. Nova Launcher does not simulate every single iOS feature, but does give specific popular ones. 3D touch will allow you to perform certain actions from apps without actually opening them. There is also multiple themes and widgets to choose from too.

10Theme For iOS 11 Skin

Theme for iOS 11 skin will provide an identical experience of an iOS interface. Users rate is 4.5 out of 5 stars, for its many features such as live wallpapers and ability to work on multiple handsets including tablets.

11X Launcher Lite

This is a more basic launcher to mimic the iOS 10 interface to provide the same operating system, control center and home screen. It doesn’t require much storage space and allows selected applications to be hidden.

12NEW Theme for Phone X

Experience a top iOS launcher with this app. You will have the exact iPhone background for the lock and home screen, gorgeous icon packs with 3D weather and widget representation, too.

13Launcher for iPhone 7

Being a free Android launcher app may suggest that it lacks certain premium features you would expect of paid apps. However, Launcher for iPhone 7 has a powerful memory and features Quad HD resolution to mimic the accuracy and speed of an iPhone interface. Your phone’s lock screen will appear just as an iPhone does, and has the same features such as long press to uninstall apps.

14Launcher Theme For iPhone 7S

A major benefit of this app launcher is the many wallpapers available through it to use as the background to your phone’s interface. Simply tap the app icon after downloading it, select the apply theme and select the launcher. To change the wallpaper, select wallpaper and choose your preference.

15Control Center

Quick access to multiple settings and apps is the hallmark of this app launcher. Features include using airplane mode to switch off and control Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and other cellular connections your phone uses. Bluetooth can be used to connect to your headphones and car, while portrait orientation lock is a feature that prevents your phone from rotating when you move your phone.

Though iPhone launchers do nothing to actually improve the performance of your Android smartphone, they will give you a smoother and more fashionable experience with your phone. All iPhone launchers are different and you will find the perfect one for you through trial and error when trying out this list.