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Mac user must have to installed one of the best Mac antivirus programs for their Apple device that can distinguish malicious activities immediately.

These days, internet-based dangers come in various shapes and sizes, and things are only going to become worse, not better. At the same time, viruses remain a severe threat, other forms of attacks that a Mac security suite may help you avoid.

While we all think of antivirus software for Mac as something that prevents harmful programs from being downloaded and launched, today’s security software does much more. Because you presumably don’t use a single Mac entirely, it can alert you about shady email attachments and websites, and some of the features below will safeguard other devices you use.

Best Antivirus for Mac in 2024

Finding a reliable Mac antivirus might be a difficult task. Many antivirus companies concentrate their efforts on PC security and neglect their macOS product. Worse, it’s frequently a waste of money because competitors seldom provide items that genuinely improve Apple’s built-in security protections. As a MacBook Air user, this concerns me, as hackers are increasingly targeting Mac computers with sophisticated spyware.


It’s no surprise that Bitdefender is our favorite free antivirus for Mac. It also beat out the competitors on our overall top antivirus services ranking. All of this praise is well-deserved. For a free service, Bitdefender boasts one of the most comprehensive feature lists. It features Bitdefender Shield real-time protection against a wide range of cybersecurity threats on Windows.

It examines your files and emails in real-time while consuming minimal system resources. The program, however, does not only rely on database information. Their Advanced Threat Defense uses machine learning to detect behavioral threat-like indicators. Assume that software is accessing excessive amounts of data and performing background data updates or uploads. In such an instance, it will be recognized as a novel type of malware long before it is entered into the database.

2Avira Free Security 

The current tool, which succeeds the older Avira Free Security Suite, combines its capabilities and sprinkles fresh improvements to maintain the service capable and competitive. It appears to be a scaled-down but still great version of their premium program. Although there are many outstanding antiviruses available regardless of your device type, assistance is a critical feature that sets this service apart from the rest. Avira offers a fantastic free version for PC, Mac, Android, and iOS. As a result, it covers all the bases and provides similar products across the board.

Avira receives the top mark for macOS protection in independent testing, which is outstanding. It’s standard practice in the business to ignore Apple consumers since they’ve always been safer for viruses. Avira, on the other hand, has real-world test results to back up its claims. They’re scoring just as well on PC if you’re a Windows user. So, no matter what system you’re using, you’ll receive a good antivirus. The installation is straightforward, and Avira will update itself, so you won’t have to worry about your security.


When it comes to free virus removal services, Kaspersky has one of the best records. However, I don’t anticipate Kaspersky Security Cloud to be very comparable to their premium Kaspersky Anti-Virus.

Despite the constant feeling that the suite is being held back to retain more features in the paying edition, the bundle you get is worth it. You receive the standard functions, such as system scans, but there are also some extras.

There’s a tool called System Watcher that employs machine learning to detect malware it hasn’t seen before. The Network Attack Blocker, for example, will notify you if it detects suspicious connections on your LAN.


TotalAV may not be well-known, but if you’re looking for free antivirus for personal use, this is one of the best solutions available. It’s a popular and rapidly expanding business that takes care of the fundamentals. TotalAV offers a complete Smart Scan, even though a real-time scan is only available to paying users. It goes above and beyond malware detection. The application also examines starting applications, locates garbage and duplicate files cluttering your system, and assesses browser security.

They provide a Safe Site plugin for Chrome, Firefox, and Edge browsers to compensate for the lack of real-time protection. It prevents known malicious URLs, ensuring that malware does not infect your device. Independent malware labs have given the service high marks. It was recognized as a top product by AV-TEST, which awarded it the highest possible score in the performance area. As a result, you may rest assured that you’re obtaining the most excellent possible results.


The fact that Sophos primarily serves corporations is the primary reason you may not have heard of them. Naturally, the Sophos Home Free edition preserves some of the features that appear to have been transferred directly from the company’s corporate version. You may control three devices remotely from a single console, even if it’s a free service. This would be ideal for a small group of friends or a family. Malware Protection and Web Protection are the two critical features of Sophos Home Free.

You won’t receive any anti-ransomware tools or real-time monitoring, so be cautious when downloading suspicious email attachments. Scanning is the mainstay of Sophos Malware Protection. Unfortunately, there is no opportunity for modification; the only choice is to perform a comprehensive scan. This implies that if you want to scan certain vital areas of your storage rapidly, you’ll have to wait until the whole scan is finished. This is hardly a time-saving strategy.

6Panda Free Antivirus

Panda Free Antivirus is an exception in the world of antivirus software interfaces that convey existential dread. Their apps include unique natural sceneries with a sleek user interface. Despite their weird taste in color palettes, background graphics, and an odd name, it’s one of the most potent free antivirus alternatives available. Of course, when I say competent, I’m referring to Windows and Android. Mac and iOS will have to go elsewhere because the only versions accessible to them are premium versions.

The list of features for Windows, on the other hand, is far greater than you’d expect. Real-time malware prevention is available and can schedule periodic system checks and prevent malware execution through USB devices. For severe circumstances where your PC won’t start up due to a virus, you can create a partition on your USB drive.


When choosing an antiviral service, you may feel that your selection isn’t light enough. This is especially true of companies that provide similar apps as their premium counterparts, which are packed with features you won’t be able to enjoy until you pay for a subscription. That is not the case with Malwarebytes Free.

Malwarebytes is an excellent tool if you simply need an antivirus to clean up your PC once in a while. Malwarebytes is typically used as a secondary antivirus since they can discover dangers that other scanners miss.

For example, the malware uses a rootkit scanner to inspect your system’s boot records, allowing it to operate even at the lowest layers of your system. Unfortunately, this implies that firewall protection, a VPN, and a password manager will not be available. Malwarebytes Free is a lightweight solution by design, consuming minimal system resources and preceding additional functionality favoring efficiency.

8Intego Mac Internet Security X9

Intego is a seasoned antivirus supplier that has been protecting Macs for more than two decades, so if anybody understands what type of security Apple devices require, it’s this outfit.

Mac Internet Security X9 offers strong antivirus protection against the most recent threats and has previously received top ratings from independent testing laboratories. Scans are also relatively quick, and you get protection from Windows viruses.

It has an intelligent firewall with anti-spyware countermeasures in addition to the strong core virus defense. Intego protects your privacy by preventing third-party apps from gaining access to your information.

9Norton 360 Deluxe

Norton is another well-known antivirus company that offers excellent malware detection for Mac systems. Indeed, Norton 360 Deluxe provides security for up to five Macs, Windows PCs, or mobile devices. So, if you have a lot of Macs or MacBooks to protect, as well as a Windows laptop and, of course, your smartphone, Norton will cover all of your bases.

Strong antivirus protection, anti-ransomware, a firewall, parental controls, and some pretty cool extras like cloud backup capabilities and a password manager are all included in this package. There’s also a significant bonus in the shape of Norton Secure VPN, which may help you maintain greater online security and privacy.

10Trend Micro Antivirus for Mac

Trend Micro Antivirus for Mac is another fantastic option for keeping your Mac secure, and independent testing laboratories praise its antivirus engine. In reality, Trend Micro’s antivirus comes close to being among the best in terms of the app’s core malware protection.

Ransomware protection, parental controls, camera and microphone protection, anti-phishing defenses, and a social media privacy checker are all included in this program’s feature set, which monitors social media activity for the various dangers transmitted over these channels. This software is also simple to understand and use in general.

On the negative side, Trend Micro slows down Mac computers more than most rival suites, and virus scans might take longer than with competing solutions. Furthermore, the software is limited to a single device.


Hackers have built (and are continuously creating) highly sophisticated Mac-based malware, making Macs increasingly vulnerable to cyber assaults. If you don’t have antivirus software installed on your Mac, you risk having all of your data taken and your machine destroyed. However, you must be cautious only to download reliable and legal antivirus software. If your antivirus is useless, you will be forced to trust a product that will not protect you.

All of the antiviruses on our list offer decent protection for Mac computers, including powerful malware scanners, a range of internet security features, ease of use, and a reasonable price.