Benefits of Azure Internet of Things


It is a fact that Azure Internet Of Things is giving its users benefits, thus, needless to say, it is recommended that this is considered may it be for business or domestic use. You definitely want to salvage everything the technology has to offer, thus starting with this is a good start.


Lower cost and improves functionality

Expect lesser wiring and connectors, lesser investment on labor, fewer sensors and components, lesser time setting up and maintaining and yet maximizing operational uptime. If you will consider all these, you should understand that you are getting savings in the cost of operation and ownership without regressing on the overall functionality.

Lesser space required

With the amplifier, controller and driver built in the smart motor, the space required for panels almost go down to zero, thus saving you not just space but as well as time, labor, material, and overall costing.

Simplified wiring

Since you need not driver, amplifier, and controller to be placed in different cabinets, you only need fewer sensors, especially if you are using an encoder. This will result in lesser issues on wiring schemes and fewer I/O connections.

Reduced troubleshooting

Since you are using fewer wire connections and components, troubleshooting or tracking down the issue is just easy, same with assessing any issues that may arise.

Modular integration

Robots that are standardized can make integration to different or multiple axes, or multiple machines, thus making the process easy and natural.

Automated adjustment

Instead of a manual change over that may be too time to consume, changing assembly or packaging can be done automatic and recipe-driven, thus increasing the speed and flexibility when manufacturing.

Maximizing uptime

Since the temperature, motor torque, friction and any performance related data can be routed to a specific mobile device, the decision maker can then proactively work and handle issues that are related to machine uptime.

Preventive maintenance

Establishing a time frame for a periodic maintenance based on a number of pieces run or cycles or any other dynamic conditions can easily be reported and monitored to any device that is Internet connected, including mobile phones, workstations and the like. This can allow teams to proactively run equipment at peak efficiency.

Increased output

All features are all working together in an IoT connected motion system to ensure better flexibility, lesser downtime, increase in overall performance and greater output for assembly, manufacturing and packaging operations.


There are very few disadvantages though that best for you to consider, to ensure that you can work on it.


Unfortunately, there is no standards in terms of monitoring and tagging sensors, thus using of Bluetooth or USB may be required. Not too difficult, thus can be handled easily.

Privacy and security

Since many channels are handling the system, the chance that the information will not be handled securely may be possible, thus encrypting confidential information should be done to ensure privacy and security.

Overall, what this can promote and provide is saving of both money and time to users, thus it should not to be ignored.