Olight Arkfeld Rechargeable LED Torch


The Olight Arkfeld is a dual output flashlight with both a cool white light and a green light. It provides 1000 lumens on the highest settings, dropping down to 300 lumens after four minutes to stop the LED from overheating, and is accessible in blue, black, OD green or desert tan.

The green light comes out the front of the flashlight, the same as the white light, which permits the Arkfeld to be comfortably held in the hand to point with and is helpful for presentations, tour guides highlighting areas along the way or just playing with the cat. It is a class one laser which is deemed to present no serious danger to skin or eyes, anyway, we advise that it not be directly shone into your eyes or onto skin and should just be handled by responsible adults.

The built-in 1050 mAh lithium polymer battery is recharged inside the torch using the added MCC3 magnetic charging cable. Just connect the magnet to the base of the Arkfeld and plug the USB end into a computer or suitable adaptor with at least one 1 A output. The light on the cable will go red to show charging in progress and turn green once charging is done.

A 4 LED battery level indicator sits under the switch that lets you know when the battery needs charging.

5 brightness levels, strobe and a green laser are accessible using the intuitive switch interface which is built of a selector ring with a button in the center. Rotate the ring clockwise to pick the white light or rotate the ring anti-clockwise to pick the green laser. In white and laser light modes, press the central button once to turn the light off and on. In white light mode, pick the brightness level with the torch turned on by holding the button to cycle via moonlight, high, mid, low in turn, and releasing the button on the wanted output.

The moonlight mode can be accessed through when the torch is off by pressing and holding down the switch for one second. Turbo is accessed by a fast double press when the light is on or off, and the strobe is achieved by 3 quick presses while the torch is on. The memory feature will remember the last mode if the torch is turned back on within one minute of it being turned off, and after that it will default to mid mode.

The Arkfeld contains 2 timer settings: long timer (nine minutes) and short timer (three minutes). Double click and hold the button while the light is on to enter this setting. One blink point out the three minutes mode and 2 blinks point out the nine minutes mode. Once the timer is up the torch will mechanically turn off.

A handy lockout function stops the torch from being accidentally activated and is accessed with the light off by pressing and gripping the switch for two seconds to lock it and the same again will unlock it. The Arkfeld also features a twin objective magnetic tail, so you can use it as a hands-free work light, and a safe stainless steel pocket clip features a wide design to make it simple to carry the torch on clothing or a backpack.

You should always keep Olight Arkfeld flashlight in your EDC kit

Flashlights are an important part of any everyday carry kit. Although most people already carry a light built into their smartphones, these lights are not as strong as the best EDC flashlights. The most general uses for flashlights are outdoor adventures and power outages. But the Arkfeld EDC flashlight also provides a helping hand in scenarios like going home from work in the dark, searching for your phone under the vehicle seat or even walking to the bathroom in the middle of the night.

A flashlight is an important part of an EDC kit, but the right design that is right for you depends on how, where and when you expect to use it. Although the top EDC flashlights are adaptable to a number of different conditions, it is value considering the following elements:


Lumens are a measure of the light that is able to be seen to the human eye. The higher the lumen count of your EDC flashlight, the brighter it shines. Higher lumen gadgets also reach further away, so you can view objects at a greater distance or light up more of the ground in front of you as you walk.


Be sure to check the power source needed for your EDC flashlight. Some devices have twin power options, permitting you to decide between battery types, rechargeable options or even utilizing solar power. Higher standard barriers generally deliver more time during use.


From devices little enough to fit on your keychain to being a powerful hold in your hand, EDC flashlights come in a range of sizes to match all preferences. Also, consider the weight of your device and if having a pretty bigger device is worth the extra bulk and weight.


Being waterproof and impact-resistant are 2 qualities generally advertised by EDC flashlights due to their handiness in extreme situations. The depths at which they keep functioning and the heights from which they will stay in one piece vary from brand to individual mode. Forever check the device you pick can withstand the situations in which you intend to use it.


There are 2 types of batteries in use: rechargeable and disposable. Disposable batteries are the way to go if flashlight will just be used occasionally. If a flashlight will see frequent, heavy use, then rechargeable batteries will give considerable cost savings.

Many rechargeable flashlights now feature charging ports and integrated batteries, eliminating the need to get rid of the battery or place the light in a separate charging cable. Charging may be accomplished through Wall chargers, USB chargers, or car chargers.

Try before you buy. The flashlight should be relaxed, simple to hold, and give the best grip. Look for models that resist rolling when set down. Think about switching off, on and between modes under stress or while wearing gloves.