All The Necessary Tips To Sleep Better During The Pregnancy

Sleep Better During The Pregnancy

Your body is currently busy discovering a plethora of changes happening inside. Although you don’t encounter any side effects yet, you may find that it’s a bit uneasy to sleep, particularly in case you’re a first-time mother.

Do you know that your sleeping position during pregnancy third trimester really important? As your stomach is currently becoming bigger to suit your developing child and it will get more difficult to sleep for you. So here we’ve enlisted all the necessary tips for you to have a sound sleep and keep your child protected as well.

What to Look for in a Mattress for Pregnancy?

The best Memory Foam mattress that Physicians prescribe for pregnant ladies to sleep on their sides will have flexible foam layers or a blend of latex and adaptable foam can give that delicate and agreeable surface helpful for a decent night sleep.

The Leesa which is a pretty good queen mattress size that adjusts perfectly with two comfort layers of delicate poly foam and backings them with a high-thickness froth base layer. Subsequently, most pregnant ladies encounter body aches will find comfort when they sleep on it.

Common Sleep Disturbances

Clearly, the most well-known sleep issue worry during the third trimester is your infant knock, which is can’t let you to sleep easily. Also, much the same as your initial pregnancy days, you will currently need to race to the loo a few times, since you’re developing infant’s putting some weight on your bladder, diminishing its ability.

Other reason for not having a decent sleep during the third trimester, for example,

  • Leg issues
  • Striking dreams
  • Snoring
  • Spinal pain
  • Eager leg disorder
  • Itching
  • Indigestion
  • Developments of your infant

Dos and don’ts of sleeping during pregnancy

Say no to sleeping/lying on back:

It is important to no to sleeping/lying on back. If you sleep on your back you might find difficulty in breathing. Sleeping on your stomach is not a good idea, either. The right posture, the best position to sleep during pregnancy is on the left side. Not only you but also the baby will be at a comfortable position, allowing its proper growth.

Avoid drinking water before sleeping:

Avoid drinking water between those two hours before sleeping. If you are constantly being awakened in the middle of the night to run to the bathroom to pee, you will probably want to cut back on how much you drink right before you go to bed.

Avoid putting pressure on your stomach:

Even the slightest of pressure on the stomach can be problematic for the baby. You should be careful with your baby belly. There are not many variations in the postures and most part isn’t much harm to your body itself. But when it comes to the health of your little one, It is the little things that matter most.

Wear loose clothes:

Wear loose clothes and avoid clothes are too tight. it is preferred that you should wear rather relaxed clothing during your pregnancy. It is better for you to wear even looser clothes while sleeping.

Avoid stress:

For having a perfect sleep at night then forget worries. Prefer using pregnancy pillows. Pregnancy pillows are extremely helpful in providing a better sleep as it is soft and mushy.

What if I wake up on my back?

Try not to stress on the off chance that you wake up on your back. Sleeping on your back while pregnant shouldn’t make genuine damage your baby. But you need to be careful of it for your own comfort and wellbeing. When you wake up on your back, simply change your position and return to sleep.


It is necessary to be careful of what your body needs in order to get a sound sleep for you and your baby. As the health of your baby depends on largely how well your health is. So make sure to be aware of the tips we have listed here.