What is Air Freight Shipping? Advantages & Types

air freight

Air freight shipping simply means the transportation of goods from one place to another by cargo airplanes or commercial flights. Compared to other shipping methods, air freight allows businesses to transport high-value and perishable items quickly.

Also, air shipping is growing with time and helps companies to reduce the transition time, especially industries that require urgent deliveries, such as pharmaceuticals and medicals. For instance, if you have to transport goods urgently from Canada to America, then you can look for a reputable Canada shipping company that can deliver your goods.

Moreover, moving further in this article, you will learn the advantages of air freight, different types of air cargo, and their importance. This will conclude for you to understand how it can help businesses to expand.

Advantages of Air Shipping

Air shipping can be very beneficial for businesses in many ways; it provides faster delivery and service, smooth transition, and no physical limits. Besides, they help SMEs to expand their businesses to a global level. So, plunge and learn more about the advantages of air freight transport.

1. Security

The security in air freight transportation is noteworthy because airports have very strict guidelines and procedures for transporting cargo and goods. This prevents your shipments from the danger of theft or loss, ensuring that it reaches their destination safely. Moreover, due to the high standard of security, air shipping is remarkable for valuable goods.

2. Fast Service and Delivery

In today’s fast-moving and competitive time, it is very crucial for businesses to speed up their services, or else they can lose their customers. This is where air transport is advantageous for companies as it is the fastest way to send goods from one place to another. If we think practically, the planes do not have to wait in traffic or get stuck in congestion and can cover long distances in a short time. Therefore, it can provide fast service and delivery to businesses and help them to hold on to their customers.

3. Access Remote Areas

Transporting goods by air can give your businesses access to remote areas as airports do not require direct links between places. Plus, well-known cargo shipping airlines have a vast network that can carry your goods to most places around the world. Therefore, this can help you to expand your business and reach new customers.

4. No Physical Barriers

In cases of road and other freight transportation, physical barriers such as rough terrains, rivers, and mountains can delay the shipment. Whereas air freights, do not have to go through such natural and physical barriers and make the transition smooth and fast.

Types of Air Freight

Different businesses have different needs, and they require a specific type of air freight for transporting their goods. Hence, here are some various types of air freights which will make it clear for you to choose for your businesses.

1. General Cargo

General cargo includes goods that do not require any specific need, such as temperature control or fast delivery. These cargos are cheaper compared to others and may take a longer time to reach the destination. Examples of general cargo are clothing, hardware, consumer goods, and many everyday objects that we use.

2. Special Cargo

In air freight transport solutions, special cargoes are those goods or items that do require certain precautions due to their nature, shape, weight, and dimension. Besides, this cargo consists of items of high value that are needed to be handled with care. This type of freight can include perishable items, live animals, and much more.

3. Dangerous Cargo

Items that can be harmful and dangerous such as chemicals, explosives, and flammable substances, come under Dangerous Cargo. This type of cargo is packed and loaded with care, maintaining the safety of everyone. This is the reason this type of freight is a bit costly compared to other types and is accepted by only a few shipping companies.

4. Temperature-Controlled Cargo

The temperature-controlled cargo consists of those types of items that can easily get spoiled if they are not kept at the proper temperature. For example, vegetables, medicines, meat, and much more are perishable. The temperature-controlled cargo carries these items at a maintained temperature to prevent them from getting spoiled.

Role Of Air Freight Transportation

Air Freight Transportation plays a significant role in today’s time for business as it connects the global economy all around the world. It helps in building relationships across the world by establishing trade relations between nations. Also, air shipping can help businesses to save a lot of their time as it is the fastest way of transportation.

Above all, sending air cargo can also be cost-effective for small and medium-sized enterprises and businesses that need to transport valuable goods or perishable goods. Furthermore, air shipping reduces warehousing costs as the transit time is faster. Therefore, all these facts clearly express the role of air shipping in trade and business.


We came across the advantages and different types of air shipping that explicitly show how it can help businesses to grow. Besides, air freight transportation truly helps companies to expand their businesses, to reach new markets and customers. Moreover, you also learned the importance of air freight transport in today’s time. Hence, choosing air freight transportation will be a great idea to take businesses to new heights and maximize profits.