A Complete Guide to Blockchain Development Process


Blockchain technology has been proven to be very reliable and effective in streamlining the processes in many industries. Back then, it was only relevant to financial transactions.

As the time goes by, the usage of the blockchain has been evolving and spreading around the new niches and industries. More and more industries have been embracing the perks of this particular technology. The improvement of the security and speeds can be the core advantage which many organizations are interested to indulge more about the tech.

And if you are one of them, you might want to know what processes are involved in blockchain development and how to apply it in your business premises. Well, you have landed on the right page since I am going to break it down for you.

To understand more about blockchain development services, read this article until the end.

Building blockchain from zero

If we are talking about the blockchain technology development from scratch, then there are some components that we need to cover. The block itself contains transaction information, data, as well as files.

After a block is filled fully, the system will produce a new block to contain new information. The blocks will then be chained together with the hashes.

It will take a long time to understand all of these components, especially the hashes because everything can get really complex and excruciating to comprehend unless you have a good background on the topic.

The blockchain development companies suggest that blockchain development process from scratch requires a lot of time and money to finish. The insiders stated that it could take months or years to complete because they had to spend their valuable time conducting the research and multiple tests. To implement the ideas to the successful final product can be a lot of problems.

Fortunately, there are tons of options where you can build the blockchain protocols without spending months to years to finish.

There are open-source blockchains that can be used and modified. Your professionals in INC4 are also aware about this and would recommend this solution because you can quickly deploy the right solutions for your business without long waiting time. Some of the popular open sources protocols are Ethereum and Bitshares.

Using Bitshares Blockchain

In blockchain application development, it is possible to use Bitshares blockchain to save time and resources to focus on your businesses.

The Bitshares blockchain can make a great choice for the blockchain development platforms because it has certain advantages over other protocols. The high processing speed is the first perk that you will find from this option. It also offers a wide array of account permissions which can give the freedom to the creators to decide the accessibility of the system. Of course, the minimal fees can be one of the best considerations. But more importantly, Bitshares blockchain comes with a high-level of security quality. You could discuss more of this option with INC4 professionals in your consulting session.

Forking an open-source blockchain to create your own blockchain platform is legal and relevant. While building it from scratch takes an incredible amount of time and resources, why not take the shortcut?

The Value blockchain offers

When you are looking for the relevance of the blockchain software development with your business, you will want to take a look at the values it offers for your business.

The INC4 professionals can help you to implement the blockchain successfully into your industry.

There have been many successful stories about the successful tech implementations across the different niches including financial services, government, healthcare, retail, logistics, agriculture, insurance, supply chain, and many more.

Chances are you have known the exact business model of your project. It is highly possible to add more value to your business premises with the help of blockchain technology. Perhaps you’ve heard about these before somewhere, but here are the exact positive variables that you can find out:

  • Transparency characteristic of the information
  • Traceability
  • Seamless transactions speed
  • Effective endeavors – saving more money

If you’d like to add the particular values to your business processes, then you can be on the right track when reaching out to blockchain development companies like INC4.

Is it a great idea to integrate blockchain to your existing platform?

This can be one of the foremost questions that you have before proceeding to use the blockchain in your business premises. It can be difficult to decide it by yourself unless you can consult the matter with the blockchain development company INC4.

The first question would be is it necessary to store the data? Depending on your business type, it might require a lot of data to be stored in a safe place.

The second question is about your business documents. As we know, some businesses are still stuck with the paper documents. If there’s an increase of frequencies in the updates and shares of the documents, it can be time consuming unless you can digitize them all.

The third question would be about the speed that you need for your business. Managing your business records is not easy stuff. It can take more time and resources to finish. Here is where you want to decide whether you want to add the blockchain solution to overcome the problem.

The best app dev tools

Determining the right blockchain development tools can be another challenge to overcome. But here is where the blockchain development company INC4 can really help you to find the digital solution to run your business operations more effectively.

It is important to comprehend about the kind of the blockchain app that you are going to use. The cost of the apps can be different from one industry to another. Make sure to discuss this with your developer team.

How long will it take?

The blockchain business development can take relative times. It will depend on the requirements and needs of your business. As I mentioned before, there’s no need to build it from scratch. Assuming that you’ve decided to start building it with PoC, it could take around fortnight to three weeks to finish. Keep in mind that these are the fastest possible turnaround time if you have an app with minimum features. The more features you add the more time it will take to finish the development.