7 Life-Changing Traits Every Traveler Should Have

Life-Changing Traits Every Traveler Should Have

We may visit the same places, taste the same foods, float in the same beach, and participate in the same activities, however, we still all travel and experience these things differently. Regardless, there will develop one or two commonalities among us—what makes a good traveler.

Those who have well-traveled and plan on starting their own path will always have common traits they improved and developed while visiting places to places. Traveling will enrich and change a person, for the better.

Regardless if you’re an aspiring traveler or have been to countless states and countries, here are the following traits you’ll likely develop as you go your way. You may not notice it, but these changes will make you wiser and a better person.

They are spontaneous

Travelers are almost always up for anything anytime. If anyone’s looking for a last-minute buddy to go with for a hike or a concert, chances are these travelers are game for the adventure.

Most people prefer planning for weeks or days prior before they can commit to anything but for these people, travelers, they see any opportunity as an adventure hence, they take it without hesitation. It’s not the case 99% of the time but the point is, travelers are impulsive and ready for anything.

They’re always curious

Curious to another nation’s culture and tradition, to try local delicacies, to explore and try different activities in different places, and to walk the earth and stand amazed at its beauty. They simply want to experience and learn as much as they can about their travel destination.

They have good intuition

Experienced travelers and those who are in the process of collecting memories and experiences have and will develop good intuition. They know when something doesn’t feel right and trusts their gut more than anything. It’s better to be sure and safe than getting midnight drinks with people you just met at a local bar or walk alone in a fishy street in a foreign land all by yourself when your gut’s been telling you not to.

It’s the kind of skill that will help you not just in similar situations but also in business or your career where risks should be taken and well-thought out.

They welcome change

Traveling means putting yourself in different environments and constantly seeing new faces. This implies you expect change, you’re immune to it, you’re open to it, and you are shaped by it.

After all, change is a way of life; nothing is permanent. With traveling, it teaches you not to attach yourself too much to temporary things and open your arms and eyes to new things.

They are confident

Traveling will teach you so many skills that will benefit both in your personal and professional careers. To go on an adventure means to go out of your comfort zone. This suggests pushing yourself to do things you’re not used to and face your fears; from testing your social skills to canyoneering.

If there’s one thing these people have in common that you’ll notice the moment they speak to you, it’s that they have great confidence—in themselves, their ability to overcome circumstances, and in other people.

They appreciate things more

This trait is more developed for those who live with a lot of privilege and rights exercised. If you go to remote areas or agricultural sites where the internet is likely unavailable; or poverty-stricken countries when you came from a good family and wealthy nation, you’ll realize how grateful you are and how you took a lot of things for granted.

You’ll realize that having a smartphone isn’t a norm, it’s a privilege. You’ll realize that accessing Facebook or posting a photo on Instagram should be the less of your worries. In short, you’ll grow to appreciate your family, friends, career, and whatever you have and in front of you even more.

They have a thirst for adventure

A never-ending thirst, that is. Travelers rarely stay in one place for a long time and if they do so, they are likely traversing each and every corner of that place. These people will try whatever they find interesting and are always open for new adventures. The adventure never stops, it always awaits.

Whether you’re a first-time traveler or a frequent one, you’ll develop these traits as you go through your journey.

What has traveling taught you and how did it change you? Share your experience with us!