6 Ways to Make the Most Out of Your Weekend


Planning on going on a trip shouldn’t always have to be out of the town or a thousand miles away from home. Often times, a great weekender can equally feel like week-long experience if you plan things well. Maximize the time you have and grab every opportunity available to take a break from the stress accumulated on your weekdays.

Yes, long and faraway vacations in local and/or international destinations can be quite a journey, however, these can also set you back a lot of cash. Traveling can be expensive depending on your planned activities and places but there are ways you can travel when you need it most while keeping it within your means.

Sometimes, all you need is a quick weekender fix to release the stress and have a rejuvenating experience. Here are six exciting and fun ways to make your weekender a memorable one:

Before anything else, have a plan

Before you pack your bags and go, have a concrete plan on what you want to do for the weekend and not just check in at a hotel not too far away and relax. Though that’s not a bad idea at all, make the most of your time and don’t just lock yourself in a room.

If you want to head to the city, see if there are any exciting plays or shows around; if there are any interesting art exhibits or other activities you may see yourself attending. Having a place to go to and activities you’re interested to do in mind will allow everything else to fall into place.

A stay cation is the best weekender

Have you ever thought about spending your weekend detoxing at a hotel? Not only will this staycation serve you the most relaxing and rejuvenating time but it will also give you the chance to go on a small adventure and explore the neighboring sight. Try a new restaurant or cafe, visit the nearby bookstore, go thrift shopping and more. These can help stimulate your mind.

Ditch long travel time

Opt to travel in nearby destinations to maximize your time. The amount of time spent on literally traveling to your supposed destination can be grueling especially if it takes long hours, awful traffic, and other inconveniences along the way. You only have two days to enjoy your break, make the most of it.

Tag some friends along

If you don’t want to spend the weekend alone, why not ask some friends to come along with you? This could be the perfect time to spend time and catch up with friends, your significant other, and even your family and close relatives.

Spending the weekend with the people you enjoy being with makes all the time memorable and fun. Their good company can make your weekender a great one for the books.

Forget everything for a little while

You’ve spent a decent amount of time planning and researching where to stay, eat, and do around your destination. Don’t forget your primary reason for taking a break—to unplug from work and other problems and focus on making the most of the moment.

Be in the moment

Take a breather. Do try and steer away from social media for a sec and just appreciate what’s in front of you. Observe what you see, hear, and feel at the moment. These are the moments you most need after 5 days of sitting down and staring at the computer for hours on end, taking and making phone calls, sending and reading emails, and a handful others.

Don’t make it a habit to post every meal you eat on Instagram and paint a picture of your life that is vastly different behind and beyond the pictures. Live in the moment; not just for a second because next thing you know, it’s Monday. Again, be in and live in the moment.