5 Ways You Can Lower Your Car Insurance

car insurance

Finding the right car insurance can be a real pain – there are so many things to consider that is can sometimes just get a little bit overwhelming and you feel like you don’t know where to start. That’s natural and it happens to everyone, but if you’re left shocked by a pricey insurance quote, there are a few things that you could look at changing to help you shave a few pounds off the top of that hefty fee! We’ve got 5 top tips on everything from cover type to vehicle trackers to steer you in the right direction, starting with:

Picking the Right Car

This one might seem a bit obvious, but it’s worth mentioning anyway – picking the right car can help you slash your insurance quotes massively! Certain models such as sports cars or those with larger engines are grouped into higher-risk categories, so the premiums are naturally larger than those you’ll find for a small engine hatchback with the proper safety features added, for example. Be sure to check different quotes on a variety of cars before you commit to a specific car – it might just save you a fortune!

Finding the Best Cover for You

When it comes to cover, there isn’t just one type; there’s a variety of cover options from basic to comprehensive, each of which appeals to different drivers. Comprehensive cover packages tend to cost more, but surprisingly aren’t always your most expensive options, particularly for older cars. Test the water with different quotes across a variety of cover types – you might be able to get a better level of coverage for a much more manageable price than you first imagined. Most suppliers offer 3 alternatives:

  • Third Party – this is the minimum legal requirement in the UK. With this cover, you’ll be protected against damage to other people’s vehicles and property, but not damage against your own.
  • Third Party, Fire and Theft – this cover includes all of the above features, with the added perk of coverage in the event of fire or theft.
  • Comprehensive – the most effective and in-depth coverage you’ll find and includes everything covered by Third Party, Fire and Theft, as well as damage against your own vehicle in the event of an accident, or other claims.

Install A Car Tracker

Using a vehicle tracker is another way to significantly reduce your insurance costs, helping you to pinpoint the location and trace the car if it’s ever lost or stolen. The ability to always locate your car decreases the risk for insurers and can, in turn, lower your premiums, so if you’re willing to go the extra mile to save on insurance costs, installing a tracker could be the way to go. Trackers are also a part of a black box or telematics scheme, which monitors your driving on a number of factors and helps you to decrease the price of your insurance quotes by proving that you are a safer driver and a lower risk for insurance providers.

Increase Your Excess

By increasing your excess, you’ll pay more upfront if you ever need to make a claim, but you’ll receive a lower overall insurance cost as a result, so if you’re a safer driver and are unlikely to have to claim, this might be the perfect way to reduce your overall quote price. Whilst this might sound great for those who are willing to reduce the costs in the long run for a larger upfront cost, it could be crippling for those who aren’t capable of paying their excess when called upon in the event of an accident or claim.

Shop Around

Although this is a given, you’d be surprised at how many people just renew their car insurance year after year without properly considering switching providers for a cheaper quote. Plenty of people find themselves to be paying way over the odds by sticking with the same provider, so don’t fall into the trap and find yourself the best quote by shopping around on comparison websites or getting in touch with the providers themselves to find their best quotes and see which price and coverage combo is the best option for you!