5 Gadgets to Boost your Productivity

Productivity inside the office is determined by a number of factors such as office layout, the number of employees per office, working multiple projects at the same time and even the employee’s personal issues. It seems that these days every company is trying to improve its productivity one way or the other, without actually focusing on what’s messing with their employee’s productivities in the first place. That’s why we’ve prepared this nifty little list of gadgets that cater your employee’s needs and allow them to achieve even greater productivity levels.

1. Dual-monitor setup

Adding a secondary monitor to the setup can significantly increase the productivity levels and help accomplish the specific task faster. Although it was originally used by programmers who deal with large amounts of code, the dual monitor setup is now used by graphic designers, researchers, writers, video editors, etc. One monitor serves as the main point of their work, while the other acts as a center for all the additional tasks that go into the main work. For example, a researcher would have a draft of the final work on one side and all the research and fact-checking done on the other.

2. Smartpen

There are those of us in the business world who still prefer to take notes, write down ideas and random scribbles physically. However, transferring those notes from a piece of paper and into the digital format can be troublesome, to say the least. Granted, there are apps you can use to scan entire documents, but this just creates additional work and you still have to use a couple of more apps for syncing and storing of said notes.

On the other hand, smartpens allow users to scribble down their note as they usually do and it will pick up your writing, store it and allow you to transfer it using Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. Most smartpens automatically sync everything you write across all devices and some even convert your notes into editable text.

3. Programmable keyboard

Having a programmable keyboard is ideal for all the small, everyday tasks you would normally perform in the office such as checking or sending an e-mail, accepting a meeting, automatically filling out various forms, etc. A programmable keyboard can be used by secretaries to schedule and organize meetings, writers could easily bind formatting actions to a single key and developers could program certain keys with specific lines of code.

Programmable keyboard

4. Smart thermostat

The temperature inside the office can have a profound impact on your workers and their efficiency levels. If the temperature is too high, too low or it fluctuates throughout the day, it can have quite a negative effect on the overall productivity and even the moods of your employees. Smart thermostats regulate the temperature automatically, maintain an optimal office temperature and they controlled using the accompanying app via a smartphone or a tablet.

5. Noise-cancelling headphones

One of the chief factors that greatly diminish concentration and productivity is the noise inside the office. Although noise in the office is determined by office culture, as well as office layout and location, there are situations where the office can be very noisy, especially when nearing a certain deadline or dealing with multiple projects at once. This is where reliable noise canceling headphones come into play, as they pick up the surrounding noise using a built-in mike and cancel it out before the sound reaches your ears.

With so many gadgets currently available on the market, finding just the right one to help increase productivity can be troublesome, to say the least. Hopefully, these five gadgets can be used to create a distraction-free workplace and help you achieve the optimal levels of efficiency and productivity.