5 Exciting Innovations in Construction

5 Exciting Innovations in Construction

The construction process has changed significantly over the years – the modern world, driven by technology, has significantly improved building design and is slowly changing the essentials of the very construction process. While these advancements and the fact that they are at a constant state of evolution have brought a ton of progress to the table, construction pros still need to break a lot of sweat in order to keep up with constant updates. With this in mind, we’ve rounded up five futuristic construction technologies and ideas to keep an eye out for.

Detailed 3D BIM modeling

BIM, or building information modeling, is a 3D modeling process used to come up with and manage project information. Although it was initially created for the design process, the BIM technology has since turned out very useful for all construction stages. In essence, this innovative construction technology is a detailed digital description of the entirety of the build’s aspects.

Detailed 3D BIM modeling

The objects contained in the model are then linked to traditional information, such as manuals, specifications and photos. So what are the benefits of BIM modeling? Well, getting faster results, coming up with better plans and saving up in the end.

Device convergence

Smartphones, tablets and many other devices with the smart- prefix are no longer just popular – they are necessary if you want progress and success. This being said, the two device types each have their benefits and weaknesses when it comes to construction. For instance, while tablets are appropriately large, they aren’t convenient for communication. On the other hand, while smartphones might be awesome for communication, their screen size isn’t really convenient for the needs of construction. The perfect solution is bringing all the qualities that are essential here into a single device called “phablet” – in terms of size, this device is somewhere between a smartphone and a tablet.

Smart buildingsSmart buildings

While traditional buildings are still by far dominant in the world of construction, many claim that the future is in smart buildings. So, what’s a “smart building”? If you haven’t guessed, it’s the one that uses information technology in order to connect to everything, from the building systems and environment, to people. A smart building uses automated processes to control building operations that range from ventilation, conditioning and heating, to security and lighting.
Preinstalled sensors and microchips allow smart building systems to collect data and manage it. Space optimization, energy wasting reduction, and relieving the harmful effects on the environment are just some of the benefits of smart buildings.

Energy-saving buildings

Commercial buildings are responsible for as much as 20% of all U.S. energy use! This obviously critical issue is best addressed by means of energy-saving construction and building design. In order to do this, experts need to take a whole-building design approach. This is very similar to what Apple does with their devices – they function so well and last so long exactly because the hardware is designed to be compatible. In construction, the team of experts needs to design building parts that can actually work together. This construction method is said to have the potential of increasing structure efficiency by as much as 70% in the future.

Offsite construction

This construction method isn’t exactly new in the industry, but it’s certainly growing in popularity. The reasons for this are pretty clear: a module built in factory or general offsite conditions is almost always of better quality than the one built on site; better QC and the lack of the weather factor vouch for this. Of course, without a solid crane, positioning these modules is very risky; moreover, a crane is a necessary addition both at the factory and at the build site. Fortunately, with awesome companies such as the one that specializes in crane hire in Sydney, construction experts can use mobile cranes that are perfectly maneuverable and work great both onsite and offsite!

These five construction technologies and ideas are forever changing the landscape of the modern construction business. BIM modeling, device convergence, smart and energy saving buildings and offsite construction all play essential roles in the modern world of construction.

image credit: pixabay.com